October 26, 2014

My Weight Loss Journey: The Start

I am a chubby mother about to embark on a mammoth weight loss journey.

I am fully aware that this type of thing can be extremely dull if you are not the chubby person in question, so I will keep future updates brief and give my opinion on the new weight watchers diet/lifestyle, 'Filling & Healthy' plan - in which from what I understand it relies largely on my ability to control my portion sizes and eat from a list of f&h foods - stopping once I feel satisfied.

I have always been big since I was a child and had the worst habits and relationship with food. This is something I really don't want for my children. I can see my son making bad choices already, so something has got to change. I am largely an emotional eater and this is where I usually stumble, a couple of good weeks followed by total uncontrollable emotional binges. I usually eat until I feel super full or sometimes even sick. I have huge portions and an uncontrollable urge for sweet things from mid afternoon until bed.

I am going to find this a challenge but I want to beat this, be fit and healthy so I have more energy for my babies, teach them better about being healthy and just maybe feel a little better bout myself too.

I was lucky (or unlucky) enough to be referred for a 12 week free trial so will be getting checked up upon regularly and will also be required to return for a 6m and 12m weigh in to ensure I have not wasted anyone's time/money, something I have no intention of doing.

Start weight - 17 stone 9lbs

I will begin this plan on Wednesday after my first WW meeting and I will update briefly with my results and findings for anyone who is interested in following or supporting me. 

This will not be easy for me so I have everything crossed!

Wish me luck!



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