October 18, 2014

Who am I?

Hello and welcome to Wafflemama.

My name is Laura, I’m 30 years old. I’m married to an incredibly handsome bearded man, also 30, Mr. Waffle. At this point I have a gorgeous son (A) who is 3 years old, and a baby (S) who is ten weeks old tomorrow.

I live in The Midlands in a 3 bed semi. We have three cats, a tiny dog, two axolotls and I was going to say a fish but I just remembered poor Bruno ‘moved out’ a while ago!

I am a stay at home mum and I work part time in a supermarket (after dark) it pays the bills for now.

My dream boat babies.
I’m your typical woman/mum; I worry about my weight, keeping everybody happy, making sure my children are happy and healthy, money, what we should do with our future and everything in between. I love making my babies lives fun, baby wearing, singing, drawing, painting, sock monkey making, baking, playing, shopping and eating!

I'm a firm believer that life is too short to worry to much about things so I am trying to be a laid back happy mother which isn't always easy. 

I got the nickname waffle after many back and forth conversations with a fellow mummy where I evidently talk, a lot, waffling on and on. 

I’ve had highs and lows in life, as well as motherhood and have learnt as much as I physically could during pregnancy, birth and since they were born, to try and be as good at my job as I can be. I feel I blag it quite well as they have both turned out pretty great so far.

Life can be so chaotic but fun at the same time. I love our little family, and sleep is highly overrated!

I'm full of excitement and throwing myself into the world of blogging and thrilled to have open ears looking at me from all over the world.

Thanks for reading,


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