October 22, 2014

Before we had kids.

Being a parent is amazing, there is no doubt about it! There are however a few things I miss that we definitely took for granted before we had children.

Here are my top ten, VS the 'bright side' of having kids! I am trying to be more positive and see a bright side in everything.... Here goes.

1) Going to the toilet in peace
Not only that, but going to the toilet on your own with nobody trying to stand in your pants leg holes while you're sat down (not sure if this happens to anyone else?). I will include in this one showering in peace too - seeing as its next to the toilet!

The bright side
At least there is someone there to jump on your belly should you fall off the toilet and faint.

2) Sleep.
I'm sure I need not divulge a great deal on this one - it's obvious, you never sleep properly again. Even once they sleep through you feel knackered!

The bright side
Extra cuddles, get to perfect your sneaky walk, keeping the eye cream business in trade :D

3) Having money!
I don't just mean money, we work hard and scrimp and have money but not spare money. I think how much we actually had before and it scares me where it all went. What did we spend it on!?

The bright side
kids enjoy free stuff like walks, digging up worms. Also I suppose I can't get as fat if I can't buy as much fodder.

4) Spending time on my appearance.
I hardly get any time now, I am super speedy at makeup as I have had the same routine for at least ten years but my hair looks like rat tails and I have a 'can't see it when I squint' deal with my messy clothes! I'd kill for a good makeover.

The bright side
My 3 year old says I am beautiful as I am. I don't go anywhere where I NEED to look nice, I just like to. Other mums sometimes think I'm the 'glam one' despite my neglect!

5) 'Nipping out'.
Before you have kids you can 'nip' out, 'pop' out. With kids you have to clothe them sometimes more than once. Layer them up or down for weather, add sun cream, snowsuits, hats, gloves, shoes socks and usually socks again for the third time as he keeps taking them off! You then have to make sure you have nappies and wipes, maybe a change of clothes for each of them in case they fall in a puddle or a dog pooh. Yep been there. Make sure they have been fed (baby) and toddler is sufficiently juiced in order to not have to forage for his survival once out! The list goes on.

The bright side 
This is a hard one... I suppose it's a good way of making sure your brain still works when you check you have remembered everything?

6) Enjoying your food. 
Eating is just easy pre babies, whether out or at home. With children you have to eat cold toast, soggy cereal, rush meals out and the best one - once they are toddlers, they are miraculously good at 'sharing' when its mummies dinner, hmm. I currently shovel my dinner down too before baby wakes - its amazing how quick I can eat! I also have to hide snacks up my sleeve or in my bra or eat behind a cupboard door in order to enjoy the whole thing without it being pinched! (Anyone else??)

The bright side. Easy - I could make us a fortune at doughnut eating contests!

7) Keeping things 'nice'.
Pre babies you can buy things for your home, keep them, clean them and they are just 'nice'. With kids those nice things get dirty, broken and lost. Our TV cabinet has a door hanging off and the TV is barely visible through the cheese layer, HD my eye! My husband is always saying "we can never have anything nice", because if it doesn't get mauled or taken apart by the toddler you can bet the dog will eat it, cat vomit on it or I will break it with my clumsy great feet or bum.

The bright side
You learn to be less materialistic I suppose! One day when kids are older we can do lots of shopping!

8) Spending time with your partner.
Not much needed on this one, you just plain don't get much time together once you have kids. Pre kids I can't even imagine what we did with all our time! Why did we not holiday more or socialise more?!

The bright side
I can be a bit annoying so may be for the best for hubby and our survival :)

9) Time for yourself - ME time.
Pre kids I liked painting and shopping and having my hair done once in a blue moon, sorting the house out, having projects to do. With children I either have no time or am too damn tired or just want to enjoy cuddles or sleepy babies. I love spending time as a family but I would like to get more 'me' things done. Maybe I'll take up professional Lego building and milk squirting then we can all have fun together!

The bright side 
I really really appreciate a good hair wash now and if I get to wash and dry it in the same day I feel like a total princess!

10) Doing nothing. 
This may sound a strange one but before kids you can do nothing, lay in bed, sit in the garden, chill, think, stare at nothing and relax.
With kids you can't very easily. Maybe this improves when they are older but I doubt it.

The bright side
Being with the small people is a million times better in comparison :)

Overall I regret taking those things for granted, but its all hindsight and I am amazingly lucky to have everything I have and such an amazing family :) One day I will have all those things back and I certainly don't want to be writing about how I took these times for granted so I try and make the best of every day!

Thanks for reading,



  1. You most definitely are the glam one! ;-)
    Money and where is went before baffles me too! We halved our income when I gave up work. When I go back it will be like winning the lottery!!

  2. Ha!! A most enjoyable read! I've often had to go to the loo with child on my lap but she never tried to stand in the leg holes of my knickers, that is a v funny image, as is 'the sneaky walk' ! Love it! xx