October 18, 2014

Ten Amazing Things About Newborns

Ten Amazing Things About Newborns

Newborns are the most beautiful things on earth. Not only are they cute but they do the strangest and loveliest things. Here are my favourites.

1 They pull amazing faces (they totally gurn)

2 They smile when they fart (and raise a leg)

3 They are super cuddly (and super warm! Enjoy every cuddle)

4 Their sad face is as cute as their happy face (bottom lip quivers, OMG)

5 They can poop up their own backs, mad skills! (“this ones a bath job”)

6 They make the best noises in their sleep (my S sounded like a little goat)

7 They grow at super speed (I’m not even kidding, blink and you miss it – take a million pictures!)

8 They smile real smiles - really early (people say its just wind – its not)

9 They don’t really have tears to start with, but when they get ACTUAL tears, your heart will break! (!)

10 They do the cutest tiny baby sneezes! (They make you squeeee with joy)

Just reading these makes me broody!

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  1. My heart broke the first time G cried. It was on her second lot of jabs :-( I agree with all these points- especially the one about poo- how do they manage that?? x

    1. S has her second jabs tommorow :( not looking forward to it after the last ones making her poorly x