Thursday, August 26, 2021

Create || Aura Print Business Cards Review AD/GIFTED

Create - AD/Gifted

As someone running a small business from home, I know only too well how much work it can be. The more you put into your business, the more you get out and although it's tiring and stressful at times, it's also lots of fun and super rewarding when you get a sale and make money purely from your own hard work.

As with all businesses, things like marketing are key as well as branded stationary that ties your brand together, represents you as a business and most importantly - directs people to your store, social accounts and inbox.

For me, business cards are a really important asset as they look professional, add an extra splash of colour to my orders and remind customers where they purchased from so they know where to leave a review or shop again.

I was recently given the opportunity to review some business cards from Aura Print from their incredible selection, so I thought I'd share the end result and how we got on with the site itself.

I decided to opt for the design service, as although I love making fabric designs and art prints, I always struggle with business card designs and logos, so prefer to get help with these when I can. I was quickly contacted to confirm the details required on the card and got to choose the type of card and shape.

I much prefer art and things in squares so I decided to choose square cards which would also be great backing cards for the smaller items I sell, as a double whammy of packaging and business card in one. The card I chose also has a colour on the side as they're very thick and great quality. There's also options for things like mini cards that would make great product tags, die cut cards to your chosen shapes and much more!

This is the final design that the designer came up with. I really love the paint splatters behind the black logo overlay, it's perfect for me and much better than I could have imagined! I'm usually pretty fussy with fonts too, but I think they got those spot on on the first go as well.

The reverse of my card has my contact details, I wanted it as simple as possible, and the yellow sides just finish the design off perfectly. The simple layout means I can pop a hand written note on when needed which I love!

I was really pleased with how thick and luxurious these feel, and sending them out with my orders looks far more professional than any previous cards I have had, so I'm very happy. I've also had a couple of people comment on them and ask where I had them printed, so they are going down well with customers too!

Needless to say, I'm very happy with my cards and the service from Aura Print. If you need something similar for your business, you can see the full range available and find out more by clicking here to visit the Aura website.