Wednesday, August 18, 2021

Healthy Mama || The 4 Different CBD Delivery Methods

Healthy Mama - collaborative post

CBD is an increasingly popular product, and it can offer huge improvements to peoples lives, from chronic pain to anxiety management. However, there is still some confusion on how it can and should be taken. There are many different products and methods that people can use to take CBD geared towards different purposes. There are four main consumption methods outlined in detail below, so read on to find out more. 

Oral Consumption

The first and most common method of consumption is ingestion. However, oral consumption can be one of the least effective methods if done incorrectly. The molecules within CBD dissolve more easily in fats than in water, meaning that taking it directly often has a low absorption rate. This is slightly improved when CBD is mixed into a carrier such as gummies, oils, edibles, or capsules with oil in them. These products do help to raise the absorption rate. When taking CBD orally, it often takes up to two hours for users to feel the effects. 

Sublingual Consumption

This method is not as popular as oral consumption; instead, the CBD is administered under the tongue. CBD is mixed into an alcohol-based extraction known as a tincture which is often very strong in concentration, meaning that only a few drops are needed. When using this method, the CBD is absorbed directly, so it begins to work almost immediately. The absorption rate for this method is similar to taking CBD orally, although it has been found to be slightly more effective.


Vaping CBD is becoming more common as the choice in CBD vape cartridges has grown in the last few years. There are different concentrations and strains to choose from too. The vape pen heats up the CBD oil, which is then inhaled. This method offers a much higher absorption rate. The CBD also reaches the bloodstream quickly when using this method because it comes through the respiration system as opposed to the metabolic system. 


CBD can also be applied to the skin topically. It is absorbed into the skin, and so it never reaches the metabolic system or the bloodstream meaning that the effects are rather different. This method works best for the alleviation of pain or other inflammatory conditions. All effects are seen in the interceptors in the skin. The concentration of these products is generally higher. That being said, there are also patches; these have added chemicals that allow the CBD into the bloodstream. 

They have a higher absorption rate, which keeps the CBD levels more consistent over a longer period of time, which is why it's worthwhile looking at CBD patches for those who often find themselves forgetting to take their CBD orally or for those whose conditions have a more sudden onset. Handpicked CBD is an online retailer with a huge range of CBD products, including patches that vary in strength and are incredibly affordable.

In Conclusion

CBD is a great product which is beginning to be embraced as a natural remedy to many of life's afflictions. If you think that you may benefit from its use, make sure to do your research on what delivery method would work best for you. For those who are new to CBD, it is advisable that you start with a smaller dose before working your way up as you get used to the product.