Friday, August 13, 2021

Mama Life || Great Gift Ideas For New Mums In 2021

Mama life - collaborative post

Being a new mum can be quite a nerve-wracking time, albeit an exciting one. The chances are, there’s been a lot of preparation that’s gone into buying the right things for your friend or family member’s new baby so just what on Earth should you buy them as a baby shower gift? We looked at some great choices for things to buy new mums this year, so take a look for some inspiration!

Sleep Balms

A good nights sleep is essential for new parents, and we’ve all heard about or experienced the sleepless nights of parenthood. Finding a gift to promote and encourage relaxation and good sleep is a wonderful gesture and one that will likely be cherished the most! Balms and pillow sprays infused with lavender and other essential oils, along with a comforting eye-mask should be one to put at the top of your list.

Baby Gear

Of course, many people are going to buy things for the baby still, and if you’re set on doing this, consider buying replacements for things that are likely to get destroyed or thrown away such reusable nappies, muslin cloths and the like. Whilst it might not be something personal, you’ll find that new parents will be very grateful when you’ve saved them from running out of essentials.

Teddy Bears

A luxury teddy bear to mark the birth of their baby is a wonderful choice and is always a heart-melting one. There are some fantastic sellers out there, especially if you’re looking for somewhere that offers gift delivery. If you’re in the London area, visit who not only offer a great range of well-crafted teddy bears, but they also have some customisable baby gift hampers too.

Food Box Subscriptions

You don’t have to be a parent to know that this is going to be a tiring time. Looking after a newborn is a full-time job and then some, so taking care of yourself often falls by the wayside. Spending time cooking healthy meals will feel like even more of a chore for new parents so why not look into providing them with a subscription to some easy-cook meals so they can eat healthy and reduce the time it takes to prepare by taking away the ingredients shopping and creativity required for a good hearty meal? There are lots of meal box subscription options out there so have a look around to find one that’s suitable. 

Fancy Tea And Coffee

For those rare moments of relaxation, a set of fancy teas and coffees is a well-received gift. Complete this gift with some luxury biscuits or chocolates to revitalise and deliver that much needed boost to their day is a great idea too. There are so many amazing tea sellers out there, and you could even gift them an artisanal teapot or infuser to enforce a longer, ritualistic, relaxing brewing time.

Audiobook Subscriptions

Sometimes the sleepless nights are unavoidable, and many parents opt to stay awake for longer especially if their baby develops a cough or other minor yet worrying illnesses. Finding a good distraction for parents is essential when dealing with these problems. Gifting an audiobook subscription is a phenomenal way to ensure some entertainment whilst taking their mind off the worry for a bit. At the same time, listening to an audiobook can also be a perfect way to help someone drift off to sleep too, so this is very much a multi-purpose gift.