Friday, August 27, 2021

Home Style || 4 Tips for Designing a Modern Office

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Whether at home or in the workplace, the design of an office is incredibly important as it can impact many different facets of your life at work. However, when it comes to designing the space, it can feel a little overwhelming at times. But, fear not, you can achieve a cool modern look without spending a tonne of money; you simply need to get creative with your sourcing and mixing pieces.

Workspaces can be extremely influential, more so than most people realise. They can either facilitate creativity and productivity, or they can be draining emotionally and motivationally. However, a well-designed office can help to reduce feelings of stress and anxiety and encourage concentration too. Whatever your office space looks like, there are a few tips that can be applied universally.

Open Plan

You can achieve a more open look no matter how much space you have. The key is to remove clutter, as doing so can enlarge a space and also eliminate feelings of stress that come from working in the presence of unnecessary clutter. You can also implement a number of different organisational systems to ensure that the office stays clutter-free. For example, if your office is made up of cubicles or cubbies, consider removing the extra walls; it will instantly make the space feel bigger.

Minimise Disruptions

Adding additional fabrics and textures such as cushions, pillows, curtains, and rugs can be amazing decorative tools, but they also absorb sounds too. This means that choosing to incorporate some fabrics that are better at dampening noise can help minimise disruptions to the workday.

Prioritise Health

The health of the staff is obviously very important as unhealthy staff leads to more sick days which affects productivity. You can incorporate a few simple elements into your office design that promote health. Adding in greenery and plants can boost moods, and in some cases, they can also purify the air. Try to maximise the amount of light in the office, too, as again this has mood-boosting effects, and improper lighting can affect the circadian rhythm, which can slow productivity. Lastly, consider adding in some water coolers. Hydration is instrumental in brain function. Cooler Aid has a number of different designs, including mains fed water coolers and bottled water coolers.

Make it Feel Homey

Minimalism and organisation are both great design styles, and incorporating elements of both can improve your office design. However, try to keep in mind that no one wants to work in a space that feels too sterile and clinical. Try to add warmth and personality into the space too. Encourage staff to bring in knick-knacks or photos to decorate their desks and breathe a bit of life into the office.

In Conclusion

Designing an office well relies on a lot of planning and patience. Before you begin, look up some inspirational images and think about the elements or features that you want to emulate in your own design. Set a budget and prioritise what items you need and which ones can wait. And then all that is left to do is to set up your space.