Monday, December 06, 2021

Home Style || Tips For Renovating Your Home Without Losing Its Character

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Living in a restored period home sounds like a dream. These properties are rich and include architectural design features not found in modern homes.

However, most period homes will be limited in the modern luxuries that many homeowners desire. As such, the conversation around renovating the property begins.

One of the main areas of concern for renovating a period home is not losing character. Whilst you may want to incorporate modern luxuries that match your lifestyle, you want to do so without impacting the characteristics you fell in love with when viewing the property. To do this, here are a few tips to keep in mind when renovating your home to avoid losing character.

Check For Renovation Restrictions

Before you dive into renovation work, it is worth checking to see if there are any restrictions in place on the property. During the sales process, you should have been made aware of the property was listed. If you are uncertain, check before you begin any work. Buildings built around 1840 or earlier are the ones most likely to be listed properties.

Find The Right Windows

With period homes, the windows are often the most debated. A significant part of the charm of a period home is the windows. They provide both the inside and outside of your home with the historical charm you adored on your initial visit.

Fortunately, some businesses create windows that produce windows, which are ideal for period homes. Consider businesses like Hinson which create made to measure windows for your home. The selection of style that they have available will mean it is likely that you can find an option that suits the period of your home.

Repair And Restore Brickwork

The old bricks within your period home is a unique quality to have. By restoring them, it can be beneficial in helping you to maintain the character of your home. Wherever possible, aim to keep them in your home, unless they are damaged beyond repair.

If you can repair them, you can fill any gaping holes or broken parts with lime mortar. Following this, cover it with brick dust to blend in. It will help to improve the appearance of your brick wall. In addition to this, you can freshen the look of bricks by cleaning them.

Preserve The Flooring

The original flooring in period homes is often, surprisingly, still in good condition. The materials used to create the flooring is often solid timber, hence why it is still usable many years later. If you find that your flooring is still in good condition, consider keeping it instead of replacing it.

To create an updated look, you can sand and stain the floorboards to improve their appearance. Wooden floors can be cold to walk on first thing in the morning, especially in the wintertime. For those interested in adding underfloor heating, reach out to a professional for their advice.

Renovating your period home will likely be a costly task. If you have plans to sell in the future, you want to ensure that your return on investment exceeds the money spent on improvements you have made. However, if the property is your forever home, it will be worth every penny spent on its transformation.