Thursday, December 30, 2021

Mama Life || Tips For Choosing Gifts For Awkward People

Mama Life - Collaborative Post

As much as we love them, some people are just really awkward to buy for aren't they? It's not they are actually awkward people (well not always). but instead they may just say they don't need anything, maybe have a super minimalist home or just give no clues as to what they're into. We all know that person, the one we leave til the end when shopping for Christmas and panic when their birthday crops up again for another year! 

With this in mind, I thought I'd share some tips, as well as some gift ideas for just those people, so that next time you need to buy them a gift, it should hopefully feel like a far easier process...

Buy them something you know they'll use

I'll start with this one as you might think it's really boring, but whoever they are, you probably know something that they use regularly, wear a lot or enjoy. It may be something not particularly 'gifty', but if you know they are actually going to make use of it, then it's a good gift for them. It could be an upgrade version of something they have and use a lot, it could be simple stationary, their favourite makeup item, reliable socks, favourite tea bags etc etc. However boring it may seem, they love it (or at least use it), so why not buy them more of it or an even better version!

Go down the fun route

When in doubt, bring out the fun. A gift that will make them laugh or smile is always a good bet and even if it's someone you don't know well, you can buy something that fits the bill such as a classic gag gift or even something like a personalised bobblehead that will be something fun to keep and be a talking point on the big day. If it's Christmas, you could get them a hideously brilliant festive jumper, a novelty singing toy they can bring out each year or a personalised caricature of them from places like Etsy. Fun gifts are great for things like secret Santa buys or teacher gifts, just make sure they won't cause offence too!

Buy sweet treats, food and drink

We all love a good treat and sometimes it's nice to receive things you wouldn't ordinary buy for yourself. Maybe it's something a bit pricy/unhealthy/hard to find that they can't justify buying for themselves that could just make the perfect gift. Whether it's a favourite tipple, a box of sweets for a kid who already has all the toys or even a hamper of all their random favourites, you can't go wrong with food and drink.

Buy plants and flowers

We all love getting flowers, but you could also consider a nice house plant that they can enjoy for years to come, or even an outdoor potted plant so that they can watch it grow through the next year to come. You could buy something off the shelf or do a little research to get them a special plant related to their birth month or name. There are heaps of varieties when it comes to things like roses, so it can be a really thoughtful gift. If they aren't very green fingered, then more traditional bouquets or even faux plants can be just as well received.

Turn to vouchers

It always feels like a cop out turning to vouchers or cash in a card, yet we all love receiving them don't we? A voucher for somewhere like Amazon can be great if you really have no idea what they're into or need, as they can literally buy anything, but can also save it for when they need something later on. For older older kids and teens, they love shopping for themselves, so quite often this can be the best option anyway. If you want to tailor the gift to be a little more personal, you could buy them vouchers for things like afternoons teas, favourite restaurants, particular shops or even vouchers to spend on an activity day or stress beating spa days. 

Ask them what they want

This may seem obvious but why not ask them what they want? I know most people will say 'oh don't worry' but with a little nudge they may just point you in the right direction of a gift idea. This is a good call for kids especially, as they may already have a lot of toys and so it saves duplicating something and you're much more likely to get the right gift this way.