Monday, December 06, 2021

Mama Life || Fun Ideas to Celebrate your Birthday

Mama Life | Collaborative Post

As ‘lockdown’ birthdays become a thing of the past, there now comes the pressure of organising a birthday celebration to make up for last year’s lost plans. However, drawing up a knockout birthday party in precedented times is difficult enough, so we have compiled a list which will be sure to impress guests and make for the best birthday yet.

Plan a spa day

Are you feeling burned out? Book a full day at your nearest spa and detox mentally and physically. Make sure to invite your nearest and dearest – they are most likely in need of a little relaxation also. If you are looking for a cheaper solution, you could transfer your own home into your very own spa and save a lot!

Escape to the beach

If the weather is good near you, why not head down to your local coastal town and hit the beach? The beach promises relaxation with the option of exploring the amusements and rides as well as indulging in classic seaside treats.

Catch a train to a different city

A day out or overnight stay in a different city is the perfect birthday plan. You don’t always have to go for London or Manchester as they can both be quite costly. Why not try a destination like Liverpool? – a bustling city with lots going on. Book train tickets to Liverpool and go shopping, visit the docks, chat with your friends over lunch or dinner, and hit the lively club scene in the evening! Extend your stay by booking a hotel room to fully unwind after your city adventures.

Hire out a karaoke room

Karaoke is a great way to break the ice and get loose. By booking a karaoke room, you get the classic karaoke experience – but better. Enjoy your celebration in a private vicinity with your closest friends and family. Just make sure you have the perfect song planned!

Throw a party

A blowout party is one of the most traditional ways of celebrating your birthday. You may wish to take matters into your own hands and do the planning by yourself, or if you find that too much, look into hiring a professional party planner. This is a great way to bring all your favourite people together.

Wine tasting

Feeling classy? Book a luxurious wine tasting at fancy winery and watch the fun unfold. If you’re a wine enthusiast but don’t feel like going all out, then you can host your own wine-tasting by requesting each attendee to bring their favourite bottle of wine.

Go to a concert

There’s probably no better way to celebrate your birthday by enjoying your favourite music with your best friends. It also works as an excellent gift, too!

Go to a theme park

The UK has an excellent offering of theme parks, which often offer packages and deals. Get ready to let your hair down and thrill-seek for the day – riding rollercoasters all day is sure to bring joy to your party!

Pub Crawl

Britain is known for its pubs, so why not celebrate the culture on your birthday and organise a pub crawl. This can be done locally, visiting your favourites, or you can catch a train across the nation to attend more famous routes, such as Leeds’s “Otley Run”.

Staying low-key?

If you don’t really like the fuss and attention around birthdays, but still want to celebrate your special day, we’ve got you. You may do something as simple as treat yourself to your favourite gourmet food, watch a film you’ve been dying to see, or plan an outdoor activity you’ve always wanted to try.

Whichever way you celebrate your birthday, ensure you choose something which aligns with your own interests, not others, to get the most fulfilment and happiness out your day.