Thursday, December 30, 2021

Mama Style || Finding The Perfect Wedding Guest Outfit

Mama Style - Collaborative Post

With the lockdowns and restrictions in 2020, followed by the uncertainty of 2021, it's looking like 2022 will be a big year for weddings. Hopefully, we'll see an official end to lockdowns as things settle down and people can set dates with less worry, knowing that they can be surrounded safely by family and friends as they celebrate their special day.

With weddings comes wedding guest outfits and it's not always an easy task! There are lots of things to consider when choosing the perfect outfit that will make you feel great, comfortable for a long day and of course, not overshadow the bride! Here's a few tips to help you find the perfect guest outfit for your next wedding, as they're may be a fair few to attend next year!

Find something within budget online

There are heaps of places to shop for formal wear, whatever your age shape or size, and if high street shopping isn't your thing right now, you may want to look online for something suitable. Online stores like like Ombreprom have everything you need, whether you're a guest, mother of the bride or even a bride in need of bridesmaids dresses. As well as a range of evening wear, formal gowns and everything in-between, you can treat yourself to some accessories to go alongside to finish off your outfit. Shopping online means you can be more relaxed and take your time, as well as filtering your searches by price so that you're less likely to get carried away and go over budget -something that is very easy to do in real life stores!

Consider the weather

As horrid as it seems, even with summer weddings, good weather is never guaranteed here in the UK and likewise, even an autumn or winter wedding can be unpredictable. When choosing an outfit, take into consideration the weather outside, whether you need something sweat proof, rain proof, or whether you'll need another layer to keep you warm/dry if things take a turn weather wise. It's also worth considering that you may be inside a lot for ceremonies/discos/drinks, so having an outfit that sees you through the day without getting overly hot/cold or needing to change is always good. 

Buy something adaptable

When investing in formal wear, we want something stand out, but there's no reason why it shouldn't be worn again. To save money on future weddings, you may want to consider something that can easily be adapted by changing shoes/hat colours or adding different scarves etc so that you can wear it to multiple weddings or events.

Consider a two piece

As above, having clothing that can be worn again is always a great investment, so something like a two piece can be swapped and changed, using the top with other skirts and trousers and vice versa, making it much easier to make use of your outfit again and again. Two pieces also give you more scope for layering up, so can be a good idea for summer weddings where you may suddenly find you need to cool off!

Shop for comfort too

It's all well and good looking amazing, but to truly enjoy the day we should really feel it too, not just in looks but comfort wise. As fun as weddings can be, they can also be very long tiring days, so think about how long you can comfortably be in your outfit for. If you have some kind of corset structure or are planning on something slinky with hold in pants, then you may want to reconsider as it can get very uncomfortable very quickly, and lets face it - we want space to eat cake, drink champers and room to boogie!

I hope this helps you choose your next wedding guest outfit and lets hope we can all look forward to a year packed full of fun occasions like this and lots of celebrating!