Friday, December 12, 2014

20lb down booty shrink! - Weight loss update

I blogged a little while ago about beginning my weight loss journey. I'm sharing this here as an incentive to carry on and help others that may be in the same boat (before our blubber makes it sink. Lol).
Here is an update.
I am about 12 weeks in and 20lbs down. Mostly down to one of the newer Weight Watchers plans - 'Filling and Healthy'. The rest I lost by using the very old discovery plan which meant pointing and for me a slow loss.
I am a hopeless loser when it comes to weight loss and can honestly say if I can do this anyone can, though I have some way to go and as yet visually I don't think its notable enough to bombard you with before and after pictures. If I carry on like I hope to though - these will follow.
The plan I'm following involves no pointing like previous plans though you do get 49 a week to use for treats. I tend to just spend these on cheese and sauces with dinner as oppose to cakes nowadays as I just don't crave them as much since massively cutting down on sugar!
I allow myself one day off a week (weigh day) where I can have whatever I fancy but as the weeks go by I'm being less 'bad' on these days too.
The plan is basically a big list of foods you can have as much as you want of, and for the first two weeks two snacks a day of a list which includes biscuits,meringue nests (best sweet snack ever!) And WW crisps.
There is an amazing support page on Facebook that has some recipes which are incredible.
My husband eats clean anyway and has adapted some of our favourite meals so I can still enjoy my food! My favourite meals are home cooked KFC with oats used as a batter and yesterday's triumph which was home made enchiladas, amazing. I also eat lots off eggs and Warburton's thins which are just so versatile, I even used them to make us both a minced pit the other day, they were great! (piture at the bottom).
I will continue to update into the new year. Though I will be eating whatever I want to over Christmas for the three main days as it's my favourite food time of the year!

An example of my menu for a day.

Breakfast - 
Banana, pint of skimmed milk, crumpet with marmite (no butter).
Lunch -
Two WW or supermarkets own healthy wraps with chicken, ham,  salad, lighter than light mayo. 4 crab sticks, a bag of savoury popcorn (I should make my own to be totally on plan but it is only corn and a little oil and you get an oil allowance per day which I don't use for cooking).
Two chicken thigh fillets (should use breast really but so much tastier and I'm losing weight so all good!) Egged, seasoned, covered in oats and baked to make KFC style chicken. Served with Tefal actifry chips, corn on the cob and home made coleslaw.
Dessert - natural yoghurt mixed with some sweetener, half a tin of sliced peaches in juice and a meringue nest smashed on top. Tastes like a very naughty treat!
Snacks - Fruit, WW biscuits, carrot sticks.
20lbs off means I have gone down a dress size. My incredibly large bottom is now just large. I can walk up my hill to get home without stopping and getting out of breath, I have lots more energy! With the things I'm now eating I don't feel hungry all the time either.
Thanks for reading, I'm hoping to post again soon as an even bigger loser!

Me feeling a bit more like Me :)

First attempt at home made Warburtons thin minced pie - amazing!

Thanks for reading,