Sunday, December 07, 2014

Bravado Sweetpea Nursing Bra ' Pink Lemonade' - Review

I was very lucky to be chosen to try out a Bravado Sweetpea nursing bra recently via their Facebook page on my personal profile. I was chosen and asked to help spread the word if I was a fan.

Let's start by saying I am a fan - and also that this is a stock photo and not me!

I received a parcel in the post, something I find exciting in itself. I opened it to see lovely packaging and inside the most beautiful almost vintage looking pink/peach bra. The colour is called 'Pink Lemonade'.

I took it out and my initial reaction was that it felt very soft and lovely.
As the sizes were fairly limited I went for the nearest to my size which was a 38C. Depending on brand I can be anything from 36-40 but usually settle for a 38 so was worried about fitting without having seen it in person.

This bra however has a lovely gentle stretch to it and is extremely comfortable to wear and having been stupidly wearing normal wired bras for a few weeks before and getting mastitis it was a very welcome relief to wear this bra. I do normally like a little more support but do find this bra gives me a nice shape still. This bra is designed for 24 hour comfort so can be worn any time of day/night. Perfect to prevent leaking in those early days!

It has a clip on each side to enable you to feed without restriction. Initially the clip felt a bit tricky and to be honest in a hurry I preferred to just pull it down, something that would probably hurt or restrict milk flow normally but with this being so soft and stretchy it was fine and easy.

The bra has washed really well and still looks as new (baby is 4 months and I've been using since the start - except when being washed).
The price of £26 is fairly high but I think average for a decent bra. I think for most people, a few of these would be a great investment particularly if you're planning on feeding for a long time. I have gone on to buy a further one in black myself so that I can alternate.
As the fabric seems such good quality I'm sure they will be used for subsequent babies too and for quite some time so will be very good value.

Overall it is genuinely the nicest nursing bra (if not just bra in general) I've used compared to high st shop equivalents and would recommend to new mums and pregnant ladies out there.

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*These are all my own thoughts and reactions to the product sent and were in no way influenced by the company itself. I was not asked to complete a review.