December 13, 2014

Mummy Friends ...

Becoming a parent really helps sift out those real friends to those other ones that turn out to have just been work friends or going out to party friends or friends that you have just known a long time, but not for any good reason. A friend, if its a good one is one of the greatest things to have.
Since becoming a mother to my two lovely babies I have lost and made many friends. I love making new mummy friends especially when it means a new play mate for one of the kids too. I don't have many friends but at thirty its definitely quality over quantity.
Mummy friends, good ones, can really get you through the bad times. They understand, they've been there or know their times coming soon - so don't judge. They give you a knowing smile that says 'I know it's shit but it will get better' and provide cake and shoulders to cry on. They are happy to listen to you moan about your crazy family, your rip off utility company or your next crazy money saving plan. They are happy to hear about your child's bowel movements and might even sound interested. They are pleased for you for the good things and supportive with the bad.There are those parents that will be over competitive. Make comments to make u feel even more hopeless or just be bitchy as can be, let's just forget about those ones, I bet they've been the same since school.

I had lots of friends at work before I Left. I was lucky to get lots of leaving presents and a few visits when baby A was born. Most people I didn't see again, they weren't bad friends they were just work friends. There are a couple however that I feel are friends for life. They are now mummy friends too.
I have friends from home, I grew up near Brighton and am now in the midlands. A few I've known since I was a baby - I'd hate to lose touch. Some I lost touch with but now they are mummies too we have a renewed friendship, it's so nice to reminiss about silly things I did as a kid with those same little people who are now all grown up with little people of their own.
My best friend from home I have known since school, I worked with her (well i worked the bar while she drank Malibu) and now she's a mummy. We don't speak often but then we don't need to.
My perfect mummy friends make jokes, have fun, laugh when I'm hopeless (but not in a bad way), give me advice or support when a baby/toddler is going through yet another 'phase' which we all know is code for 'I've no idea why or what your child is doing but surely it can't last forever or you'll die!'. They talk about normal silly things too and don't question my need for an answer to questions like 'can dogs go into comas?' they just get me.

So here's to all those good friends, be they mummies, school friends, friends for life, family friends or just that nice granny who cheers me up at play group.

Without you all I would find everything so much harder. I would be thinner without that cake, but would not have the laughs and the fun I have now. 

Thanks for reading.


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