Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Weight loss update - Christmas Special!

After this weeks weigh in I've lost 1 stone 7.5 lbs in total (13.5 from the filling & healthy plan). I'm feeling great and starting to look a bit less wobbly too, awesome.
I'm a little worried about how Christmas will affect me, I've already proved I have zero self control at a buffet (think Barry from Eastenders on Extras!) and after a bad no sleep stressful day this week I've discovered that my evil sweet tooth that I thought I'd shunned is still very much lurking beneath the surface!
Wednesday was a bad day and I seem to black out, binge then come round and feel very stupid, I thought I had stopped that!
I am still going to enjoy myself on Christmas day and boxing day. Boxing day will be buffet style so I'm going to try hard to stick mostly to my filling and healthy diet which should be easy with plenty of meats and salad. I'll have to get my husband to prod me in the (large) arse as a reminder.

Christmas day though I intend to enjoy and have whatever takes my fancy so long as I don't get the sick bug my son has! I can't wait to eat naughty food.
Its a sad thing to have to worry about over Christmas, but for me I've been so chuffed with my weight losses each week, I'd be so gutted to undo my good work and I can easily put on 7lb in a week.
So wish me luck and cross those fingers that my willpower stays a float and doesn't get drowned in chocolate and cheese!
Mmm cheese...