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Frugal Mama #1 - Charity Shop Chic

If there's one thing that can make things difficult at times once children come along its money. I will be sharing some general tips in my new series of 'Frugal Mama' posts on how we manage after dropping a whole monthly wage. It's been hard, where did all our money go before? I have no idea! I've been able to spend every day with my son (something I felt I needed to do) since he was born and although its meant sacrifices for us, he's never wanted for anything and he's happy. I figure they will remember the fun they had more than anything else.

This is where charity shops help me find a middle ground.

I've always had a love for charity shops, it's like a grown up version of looking for treasure for me. If its possible I think I'm actually pretty good at charity shop shopping, I think it just takes some dedication and an open mind. I'm not necessarily lucky with my finds, I'm just dedicated to looking. 

Some charity shops have become a bit too fancy and even a bit expensive to the point I'd rather just buy new,  but we have some real gems round here, old school junk style 'run by grannies' shops full of under priced treats to make a mummy like me happy. 

I've had a good haul this week so thought it would be a good time to share this post. There can be a real stigma with second hand and especially charity shops but if you keep looking its well worth your while!

This week I have spent a total of £17 and have good as new items from Coast, Zara, M&S, Next, Fat Face, TU and Carters. A new toy and lots of books, you can never have too many can you?

My favourite charity shop (Barnardos) charges £1.99 (maximum) for adult clothing and baby/children's clothes are four items for £1.99 or 99p each. Books are also included in the four items offer. Our local homeless shelter (The Nomad Trust) also has a shop where books are 15p each, hats 50p and we got a Little Tykes drum for £3.  The Red Cross charity shop has ex high street stock and even some current season bits from H&M. 
It feels so nice to get lovely clothes without feeling guilty for the price tag. They even have a section for faulty clothes that just need a stitch or a button sewing on, but are otherwise brand new. Total bargains to be had!

I would agree some things are best off new, but with this weeks buys we have saved well in excess of £100, which would more than pay for our little Haven holiday next month. 

So don't just walk past these amazing shops. Pop in, have a dig around and get some treasures! 

Details of my buys this week are below. Amazing or what!! 

For me, a Fat Face jumper, M&S going out top (stars) and a long length Coast jumper dress. £2 each.

Loving the nautical blue!

Kids Books 15p each.

Some real classics too.

Hat 50p, tights 50p, both TU and brand new with tags. (Dress HM sale £5).


Zara kids striped top. Primark (I think) Skulls top, Next and Primark shorts. All 4 for £1.99.

Sailor vest by Carter's, Next dotty dungarees, Daisy dungarees and a Regatta jumper (in next pic) all 4 for £1.99.

I'm blown away by these

Regatta top (as above). Little Tikes drum £3 in perfect condition.

Why buy new?
New HM cat horse riding style hat and checkered braces for my sons wedding outfit. £1 for hat (new) 50p for braces. I'm so happy with these two!

Does it get any cuter than these?
I hope you'll agree that you can really find some great bargains. You do need to look regularly for the good bits, but I genuinely get lots of the kids clothes at these crazy prices and I'm always told how well turned out they are. Kids grow so quick as well that it makes total sense buying Pre loved.

I hope I have converted some people to go and take a look, please do also donate your old clothes to the shops, its such an easy way of helping good causes, as well as helping mums like me along the way! 

Thanks for reading, if you've enjoyed my post please share :)


  1. Tom & Pippo!!! Flat Stanley!! Whatever Next!! SUCH SUCH GOOD BOOKS!!

  2. Tom & Pippo!!! Flat Stanley!! Whatever Next!! SUCH SUCH GOOD BOOKS!!


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