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How I Met My Husband: Our Story

In 2002 I made the journey to Lincoln from a small town near Brighton to begin University. I was single, excited and so ready to meet all the new people and finally have a crazy social life.

I quickly made friends, we were all in the same boat after all. I lived in halls on campus and we were paired with at least one person on the same course and four other odd-bods all equally as excited, clueless and some desperately trying to impress us girls. My flat mate Nick who looked like a stand in on the Mr Muscle adverts eagerly informed us of how he 'got offered a job as a professional footballer' but decided to grace us with his presence at University anyway because he 'couldn't be bothered with the fame'. Hilarious! 

Me and Claire - One of my new flat mates.

I spectacularly partied hard for my whole first year, luckily the results of which didn't affect the end result like on some courses or I would have been screwed. I had a boyfriend for a bit, a lad called Andy who I was very impressed with until him and his mate had a 'who can eat the most paracetamols competition - yes really. I later ended things with him for many many reasons and also the fact that I rather liked this other laid back hip hop skater boy I'd seen in my lectures, and having two on the go would have been far too much work. Andy is now happily married to his husband Dave (yes) so luckily his heart wasn't ever so broken.

My friend on our course (Media Production) introduced me to the hip hop rapper wannabee Adam who I thought was just a little arrogant as well as stupidly handsome and a mile or twelve out of my league. He never gave any signs, I thought this was because he was either too cool or not interested but later found out he is just shy and a bit hopeless with women, luckily for me I suppose or he may have been snapped up sooner.

Me and Adam - you can see the appeal...

We hung out a few times with mutual friends and were a little flirty Gerty with each other for a while. One night I went to a party with a super cool lad I knew from halls called James (looking back he was a massive bell end to put it politely, damn my low self esteem!).
When we got to the house party it became apparent (mainly by his massive sack of magic mushrooms) that this party was a drug fueled bender, people doing lines of coke on the stairs and balloons filled with some sort of gas? Everyone was off their proverbial tits and I felt way out my comfort zone with my tin of Fosters. I was desperate to leave but being a busy Friday night I couldn't get a taxi so just walked to a main road. I wasn't a million miles from home but in an area where there had been a series of rapes of young girls so I was scared. I rang a few people who I knew lived in the area but most were out. Luckily for me, Adam was in his room in a flat nearby 'chilling out' and more than happy to come and rescue me. 

I went back to his flat for a while and got a taxi home later on, I was totally smitten.

So young!
We started to hang out and had loads of fun together, he was cool and wrote rap songs, made beats on his computer and did actual graffiti, He was a bit of a know it all and far too cool for me but I figured I'd keep it up as long as he put up with me. It turns out that actually he wasn't quite the rap wannabe I thought and that he was actually quite nice and most of his 'coolness' was just a front to try and impress me, it worked somehow! I was totally in love with this fool as I still am today, though he would be the first to tell you I don't show it well.

As we were on the same course we began to spend lots of time together, going to lectures and even doing projects together. We got amazing grades for our animations and I'm pretty sure he would have flunked if I hadn't began nagging him so early on (he would agree)!

We enjoyed the rest of University together and when we graduated we lived in Leeds briefly where we worked in Blockbuster, which was a very good place to work but we worked opposite hours so it wasn't much fun. I soon heard about a job in my home town and as Leeds wasn't working for us, we agreed to go down south and give it a try there. 

The rent was crazy, our jobs were not that great and we were at a stand still so moved once again back to the city we met in, sunny Lincoln.

He looks different in every picture - ha!

We married in 2010 a year after buying our first home. Five years on we have two beautiful children, three cats, a dog and two axolotls. I could honestly not be happier.

We are so lucky we found each other. Its like he is me but in male form, we have the same brain and very few people understand my sense of humour and strange ways. I suffer from anxiety which he puts up with even though I know it does make his life hell at times. In turn I put up with his night terrors, still being a bit of a know it all and forgetting Mothers Day, again. 

It's hard to remember what it was like when it was just us. Having children has been so amazing and I wish we had done it years ago but we both need to remember just how great the last 12 ish years have been and how lucky we are, its so hard on days where we just want to sleep and moan at each other. We've been through so much already both ups and downs but must be made of super strong stuff, I'm proud of that.

Our two beautiful babies
Hopefully we have lots of happy years ahead and can  enjoy ourselves even with little money and no sleep and being terribly grumpy a lot of the time. 

Adam is not much of a reader but I really hope if he does read this then he knows I love him, always have and always will. (Cue cheesy music and sloppy dancers throwing roses).

This is not The End, just the middle.

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