Sunday, March 29

My Girl

Do you remember the film My Girl? If not this won't make any sense but you're welcome to stick around.

I've just realised how significant a  film can be and how often I actually think of this one.

I remember always being fascinated with it, the love, the sadness, the fact the girl 'Vada' was so pretty and perfect and everything I wanted to be at that age.

I remember my obsession with Vada's mood ring and the fact I just had to have one. I still think of the film when I see one.

I remember the funeral parlour and the way  death is just put out there as an everyday thing and how I'd have been equally as scared.

I remember watching it at a 'sponsored stay awake' for school and the other girls checking us all to see who was crying, me being the only one sat in tears and everybody laughing. I can picture it perfectly sat in my blue sleeping bag. Three on the floor three on the sofa, we must have been around ten.

I remember the total heartbreak of Macauley Culkins character Thomas dying and how Dan Akroyd played the most perfect clueless dad.

I remember at that young age feeling terrified that life could end so quick.

I remember feeling totally heartbroken.

I remember it whenever I see bees or people talk about wasp nests.

I remember watching the second one and I was in pieces, the desperation and heart pounding when he pretends the ring is lost.

Here I am at 30, 24 years after its release still thinking of it.  I've had the film on DVD for years and I just cannot watch it. my eldest is a sweet little blonde boy. He reminds me too much of Thomas in the film and just thinking of what happens to him makes my heart hurt.

It's amazing how one little 90s film can mean so much and stir so many memories.

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