Tuesday, March 24

Weight Loss Update #5: (23.5lbs down, many more to go...)

Five month update

I'm on my fifth month of Weight Watchers filling and healthy and due to my own lack of motivation and self control we've not come a great deal further than my update at Christmas. I do have a number of excuses, but they are just that so I won't go into detail.

If I had carried on as I had started I would probably have around three stone off by now and be totally transformed. Instead I am a total of 23.5lbs down (188 sausages) only two more off this year. Shocking! I'm still going in the right direction and slowly bringing that BMI down though and reducing the risks of illness which is mainly what this is about.

My favourite F&H burger meal.
My main problem is emotional eating and getting out the habit of black out binges where I'll think I don't care, binge and instantly wonder why. 
We tend to not have anything too bad in the house which is the easiest way to stop me having it, but I will still find a way some days and some old habits slowly crept back.

I have left it until I am firmly back on the wagon to bring you this update and as we speak I have been back on it for two and a half weeks and lost again both weeks.
I've started part of a 'drop a stone for summer' campaign in my meeting which should be totally achievable. 

So right now regardless of what the scales say, my aim is to shift that 14lbs in 14 weeks. I already walk loads but will try and up my exercise and drink more water too.

I just ran up this hill for the first time ever!

The 'diet' is ever so easy, non limiting and does change your eating habits for the better. I just need to stay focused. I have a few friends who have joined me now which should really help.

Here is a little before and during picture so you can see the difference so far. I think its noticable when I see it like this even though I struggle to see it in the mirror. What do you think? I wasn't going to measure but have this Morning and have apparently lost 6 inches around my waist and 8 from my hips!

Thank you for reading, I'm off to be a massive loser hopefully and crossing fingers the next update will be a little more positive and impressive.

For more information on your local Weight Watchers groups, visit www.weight watchers.co.uk.


  1. The difference is incredible and very visible. You are doing an amazing job whilst juggling parenting to two and a home and a husband and your livestock. Huge thumbs up xx

  2. Thank you Louise!! Means a lot :) livestock made me laugh :D xx

  3. Thank you Louise!! Means a lot :) livestock made me laugh :D xx


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