Saturday, March 14

They Grow Too Fast: How I'm Making Memories

Its obvious to anyone that has children how fast it all goes, each child growing faster than the last at a terrifying rate, that to be totally honest I really don't cope with very well. I can only hope it gets easier.

I'm an anxious soul, a highly frustrating trait that makes up part of my goodness, but also takes me to breaking point more times than I care to think of. Time flying by makes me worry about too much,  more than I know it should. How quickly school will come around, bullying, their self confidence, how they will change, if they will be happy, the list goes on, stupid I know! 
Generally I'm pretty laid back and go with the flow but really have my moments, especially where my babies are concerned. I've been the same for as long as I can remember.

My daughter is eight months old this month and it mystifies me where this time has gone and how quickly her first birthday will be upon us. Really I've not even come to terms with the fact I am pregnant again (lucky me having a super easy second pregnancy!) let alone the fact that said baby has now grown, been born (I do remember that bit) and spent 8 beautiful months in our happy little lives.

I noticed the other day that my sons little baby button nose has changed, and that his hands were suddenly big, big boy hands and no longer the little baby digits and wrinkles they once were. When did this happen? Have I not paid enough attention or did it just happen over night? 

Either way I realised that I need to take note of more things and really understand how quick this is going twinned with the fact my memory is scarily bad. 
Luckily I take a million pictures and videos and started this blog while its relatively fresh in my mind, so technically if I can put it all together (in all that spare time I have, ha), this will work wonders for me.
I got a notebook the other day to start writing down funny things my son says or things that happen, I wish I had started this ages ago now when he first started babbling or getting words wrong. 

I'll never forget at his baby group where they were singing Old MacDonald and pausing to let the children each pick an animal. It got to my sons turn and we got "Old MacDonald had a ....... Wank". I was mortified but he was too young to know what it meant and it's not a word that we use, he just shouted a sound that happened to be 'wank'. 
Pure embarrassment. All the mums giggled to which realising he had been funny, (destined to be the class clown like his parents), said it over and over for months. I know I'll look back on this and see how funny it was.

I am also going to start posting here some of the things that have made this the best time, to share it but to also help me remember it all in years to come.

I've already written a list on an earlier post of my favourite newborn things but I will be putting more detail to this in my next post to make it more personal.

For any new or future parents reading this, my advice is to write it all down, start when you're pregnant, take pictures of everything - from that little patch of soft hair on their chicken like backs to the little lip quivering first cries. Spend as much time as you can enjoying them (even when they have posted the contents of your handbag out the letterbox) and find your own special ways to help you remember it all from as early as you can.

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  1. Beautiful
    My neice has all this to look forward too
    Your pictures are stunninh


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