Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Healthy Mama || Kicking Bad Habits With Lepicol Lighter

Healthy Mama || Ad Review

Losing weight has been an ongoing battle for most of my life. With something that's really as simple as eating less and moving more, it's not always that easy and if you're an emotional eater like me, you may find you lose it only to gain it back after a rough time in your life. I'm always keen to try new things to assist me on my weight loss mission and as much as I'd love to have something just melt the fat away, it's the habits I need to break, most of which have come about from falling off the diet waggon so I'm trying to go for more of a lifestyle change now instead of restricting food or following a particular programme.

One thing I struggle with is snacking between meals and also knowing when I'm full. Instead of eating until I'm content, I tend to eat until I physically can't eat any more, and the more I do that the more I eat and obviously in turn, the more my weight goes up.

I'm in a much better head space this year and although I am back on track a little now, I need all the help I can get to kick the bad habits such as snacking between meals, over eating and eating when I'm not hungry. This is where Lepicol lighter comes in which I've been trying out for the last few weeks. I thought I'd share this product with you, as well as a little about how I got on.

What is Lepicol Lighter?

Lepicol Lighter is a high fibre product that you mix (one sachet) with 1-2 glasses of water or juice around ten minutes before you have your meal. The product can help with blood glucose levels and can assist with weight loss, making you feel fuller quicker and less likely to over eat. Lepicol Lighter contains 7 strains of live bacteria, chromium, an essential mineral that helps the maintenance of normal blood glucose levels, glucomannan, a plant fibre which contributes to weight loss in the context of an energy restricted diet and psyllium husk, which contributes to maintaining normal bowel transit. 

Bowel movements are something I usually struggle with when I've been on any kind of 'diet', so a regular dose of this between meals will help keep things regular. It is recommended that you seek professional advice before giving to children or having this product whilst pregnant or breastfeeding. It's well worth checking with your GP regardless of your circumstances just to make sure you won't be affected if you're on any other medications or have any particular issues. Each box contains 30 X 3mg sachets, which should keep you going for around ten days if you have three meals a day and costs around £15 currently on Amazon.

Using Lepicol Lighter

When you mix the sachet, it forms a kind of 'gel' textured drink, which can feel a bit odd to start with but the taste is OK and with a quick 'down the hatch' I had no issues drinking this product or mixing it up. I mixed mine with my favourite orange and pineapple squash which made it a lot easier to drink than just water alone and is still equally as effective. I didn't experience any side effects while using this product and the great thing is that you can easily keep a sachet in your handbag to use while you're out and about and if you miss one, you simply carry on as normal.

Thoughts on Lepicol Lighter

The best thing about trialling this product has been that I stop and think about what I'm about to eat, because I'm having this ten minutes before. Ordinarily I'll go grab a snack without thought or grab lunch quick, often regretting my choices. By getting into a routine of drinking this, I ended up taking more time preparing my meals because I was waiting for the product to settle in my tummy, which meant I naturally made better choices and ate less. I also found that this did the trick and did make me feel fuller quicker. I've tried similar products before and had little success because of the taste of the product, but this one was much better and I just treated it like any other drink really before my meal. This product does help you feel fuller and therefore eat less, but as an added bonus it slows down the process of preparing and eating food as I mentioned, so for me the best thing has been cracking down on those bad habits and not feeling the urge to snack as much.


For starters, I would absolutely buy this again and as it made me stop in my tracks and bust some of my bad habits, I am very happy with the outcome. I did lose weight while using the product, not a dramatic loss but a healthy pound or two a week after the first week where I lost around 5 pounds. These are a treasure to keep in the cupboard for regular use or simply for times when the trousers are feeling a little tight and you need a helping hand for a week or two. 

You can buy Lepicol Lighter at many retailers right now and it's well worth a try if you're struggling with sugar cravings or bad habits too.