Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Home Style || Making Rental Properties Feel Like Home

Home Style || Collaborative Post

When I look back to my rental days, I think the thing I found hardest was the 'temporary' feel of it all. It's bad enough knowing that you could be given notice at any time, but living in a space that doesn't feel like your own when you can't decorate or drill into walls can be very frustrating. The key to being happy in a rental property is to make it as 'you' as possible, making it feel like a homely place to come home to at night. The last thing we want to do is put money into someone else house but we do need to feel at home too, so how on earth do we do that? I thought I'd share some tips on making a rental property feel just right for you, with temporary additions that will not affect your contract and some that can be moved on to your next property too.

Check if you can decorate first...

Rental terms vary greatly, so it's well worth having a read through your contract to see what you can and can't do. You may find that you can decorate as long as you change it back before you leave, you may be able to do as you wish as long as it doesn't change anything structurally or you may have a strict 'no decor' contract. If you're unsure, ask your landlord or agent, just remember not to put too much money into the property if you're not planning on being there too long.

Temporary decor could be an option...

If painting isn't an option, you may need to think of something more temporary that can be taken away leaving no residue or marks when you leave. Although landlord insurance can cover any accidental mishaps you may have, things like damage caused by decorating or DIY gone wrong may not be worth the risk and may end up costing you money. Options like removable wallpaper, wall stickers, getting creative with washy tape or simply sticking up photographs can make a room feel much more personal. You could lean mirrors and framed art work against walls, on top of furniture or on the floor to add variations in height and admire some of the art work you love whenever you wish. Clever lighting can also completely change the look and feel of a room, so you could experiment with coloured lighting, cosy fairy lights or a selection of different lighting options. 

Add more colour with indoor plants...

Plants truly bring a room to life and it's a great way to pack a punch with some bright colours, whilst clearing the air and bringing the outside in. Adding higher foliage such as indoor palms or introducing plant stands can make for a great room addition in even the dullest of spaces. Opt for something that's easy to care for such as succulents and cacti that thrive on neglect and make sure to read up on how best to care for your other plants to keep them fresh looking and bright in colour.

Get creative with home accessories

Think of ways you can truly bring a space to life without drilling walls or making any physical changes to your home. Large floor standing mirrors for example will make a big statement, add a big chunk of colour and texture to your wall and reflect much needed light back into the room. Raising the height of things like lamps and plant stands will detract from the plainer canvas of the walls, adding interest and colour where needed. You could also add art work using bluetack or velcro strips that can be removed, even for things like light weight canvases.

Soft furnishings are key

You can never underestimate the importance of soft furnishings, with things like curtains, blankets and cushions in a room. Fabrics can be the key to bringing a room together, bringing in new textures and of course adding colour and patterns to liven up a room. However plain the room decor itself, fabrics will bring it to life and give you the opportunity to express yourself with the designs and hues you love. If the house already has things like curtains and rugs in place that aren't to your taste, ask if these can be stored elsewhere temporarily or find somewhere to stash them while you're there.

Choose furniture carefully

When choosing furniture, it's important to buy a little more generic when it comes to size and shape. Although you may have a curved wall or high ceiling in this house, you may not have the same structures in your next dwelling. Choose furniture that won't be a short term solution, that will fit any room in the future and can be moved easily without needing additional support such as wall brackets.

You don't have to spend a fortune to create your perfect home and no matter what the house you're renting is like, there's bound to be some easy fixes like those above that can completely transform your space in a few easy steps. Just make sure to read your agreements carefully and only undertake things like decorating that will cost you money if you're going to be renting there long enough for it to be worthwhile.

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