Thursday, September 12, 2019

Mama Style || Silver Styling With Sacet Jewellery

Mama Style || AD Review

I used to love wearing jewellery before having kids, but having small babies tugging at earrings, playing with bangles and yanking on necklaces was not my idea of fun. Now my two are older though, I've slowly been embracing jewellery again and my only problem is that I struggle to find decent quality jewellery that match my style. I'm 35, but not very grown up in terms of tastes, so need to find something a little different, that suits my age and what I like to wear.

I was recently given the chance to review some ethically made jewellery from Sacet, an online jewellery retailer with a difference. With just a few details about what I like, the items they sent were absolutely spot of for me, with proper silver grown up jewellery that's a little different from the regular shop finds. Hurrah! I thought I'd share a little about my experience, as well as introducing you to a company I know you'll love...


I love knowing a little more about the company I buy products from and when they're actively making an effort to look after the planet and show where they get all their supplies from etc it's all the better. Sacet has some great ethics when it comes to running a business and sourcing responsibly, here's a little more from their website...


We craft all our products using 100% recycled metals and ethically lab-grown diamonds. But we don’t stop there: our packaging is made with eco-friendly materials and every product is hand-finished and custom made in an artisan workshop.


We create jewellery that is elegantly designed and exquisitely handcrafted at a fairer price. We aim to change the way you access diamond jewellery and make it more inclusive. For you. For our craftspeople. And for anyone involved.


We want to create jewellery with purpose – beautiful products that create beautiful impact. It is a radical way of doing things. We call it Conscious Beauty and it is the essence of Sacet.


Every piece is customisable so you can create your dream jewel. Our team of skilled diamond experts are available to support you and help you, every step of the way. Better still, you can try our products in the comfort of your home.

One thing I really love about this brand is that they offer a home trial. You can select a few items that will be sent to you to try out for five days and simply return the samples and order anything you like the look of. This is such a brilliant idea, takes out the worry of buying online and they even give free return shipping for the samples, so it couldn't be easier.

I love the packaging that comes with the jewellery, it feels really special, high quality and perfect for keeping our treasures safe. I was also sent a storage bag which is always a huge bonus! All the little details make for a perfect purchase, but the jewellery itself is even better...

First up I'm going to show you these gorgeous Lujia Ear climber triple hoop earrings. I've always wanted more piercings but I'd never have the guts now, so this single hole earring with additional loops give the impression of an edgy triple piercing, without the hassle of actual holes in my ears. I really love these! These are plain silver, chunky but soft enough to tighten slightly to fit your ear perfectly. This design is also available in rose gold and gold.

These are something different to the norm, very well made from high quality metal and I love how they look on my ear. This makes such a nice change from a regular stud and gives you the chance to mix up your look without the commitment of extra piercings, big thumbs up for these! I'm always on the look out for ways I can reflect my style whilst still looking my age and these tick all the boxes.

Next up is the gorgeous Marque Plain Infinity bracelet which again is made from a chunky sterling silver, but still very light weight, dainty and beautiful. This bracelet is available in sterling silver, rose gold and gold, but I have always preferred classic silver over everything and I think this design looks stunning in silver. You can also buy this in three different sizes to get the best fit.

My favourite thing about this is the little clasp. It locks it into place and is just so detailed for such a tiny clasp. These small details make this super special and the perfect gift for all ages.

I love the angles in the bracelet, it's quirky but still looks smart and high quality. I love something that you can't just buy on the high street and I've already had so many compliments on my new jewellery which is always a bonus.

I've really loved my jewellery from Sacet and it has definitely helped reignite my love for jewellery and in particular silver. I often think that the things I'd like to wear don't exist, but this just goes to show the perfect jewels are out there if you look and I think Sacet is a great place to start. I'm so glad I found this little 'gem' of a site! Visit their website to see all they have to offer and learn all about Sacet.

Do you love silver jewellery too?