Monday, September 30, 2019

Mama Style || September Favourites...

September has been all about getting back into work and school life, getting used to cooler weather again and having to get used to leaving the house before 9am! I've been living in my bandannas which keep me warm and hide bad hair days - ish, as well as lots of stripes and ALL the giant sunglasses.
I'm all ready for Autumn now and can't wait to get back into boots, coats and woolly hats! My favourite time of year and I'm all ready for the cold now. I did get some new boots but other than that I haven't got a lot as I've been trying to use what I have a bit more and have been a bit skint for shopping! In October, I will be having a clothes sort out again, donating all those summer clothes I didn't wear and sorting my coats out as I admittedly have far too many. I'm going to try and resist shopping a little longer and really declutter my wardrobe and accessories drawers so that I am no longer harbouring clothes I can't or wont wear.

On the blog I've been a bit quiet recently as I get stuck into everything else life has to offer at the moment, but I did get to sample some fab jewellery from Sacet and have some more reviews on the way. As Autumn is more my thing, I'm looking forward to some virtual shopping and getting stuck into some new fashion posts.

What have you been wearing most in September?