September 30, 2019

Life || September

September has been a bit of a manic month, but averaging out to a pretty good one, with opportunities to come, chances to market my work and lots of building myself towards my future career which is great. I've been quiet on the blog as we get stuck into school, work and routine again, but enjoyed getting drawing again and making plans for the house.

This month I had a new job interview which I didn't get - but has opened doors to training opportunities and helped get me on the right path so it was all worthwhile. I also had a 'meet the author' afternoon at a local event, which although was very quiet, I did get to read my book (The Arboretum Eel) to some new children. The kids really enjoyed it and my own kids and their friend enjoyed acting out the story and bringing lots of much needed silliness and noise which was ace. I'm going to be braver when it comes to these kind of things and try get my book out there a little more.

Looking to October, I want to crack on with my new book, celebrate Alf's birthday as much as possible and start thinking about Christmas and making a little extra money from my arts & crafts. Blog wise I want to write a little more as I miss writing more honest brain dump type posts, so I'll be working on that and practising a lot of self care to build me back up a little after a stressful month.


Wearing - Without realising it, I've hammered the stripes and bandannas in September! I've also blonded my hair a little which I do regret slightly condition wise, but it does look SO much better. After trying on over 50 dresses to wear for a wedding in October, I finally found one in Next which I love and will be able to wear again, dressing up or down for a more casual look. I do really need to shake a little weight as much as I know I should learn to love myself as I am now, I'm struggling with it and not enjoying clothes shopping which has always been my favourite hobby!

Food & Drink - I've been absolutely eating like it's Christmas for most this year, but this month I've excelled myself with delicious cheeses and cake... But... I need to pack it in and sort my health out, so I'm hoping to start a new programme shortly to give myself a boost!

Watched - Bake Off has of course been a favourite over the past few weeks, but we've also dabbled with some new Netflix shows. We started with the new series of 13 Reasons which to be honest felt very slow and irritating for most the series but did get pretty good towards the end. I've loved watching the Let Down, Good Girls, Flowers, Top Boy and Haters Back off too.

Disliked - September was a really hard month financially and I'm so ready to take on more work and get us out of this funk now!

Loved - In September it's been all about coping with the summer/school transition, but for me, playing with my new Google Pixel phone with an amazing camera has been so much fun. I don't have to rely on carrying my DSLR around all the time to get good pictures and I'm blown away by the quality.

Most popular blog post - My most read/shared posts published in September were;

Favourite Photo - A favourite from the family pictures this month, but also my favourite capture on my new phone. Both kids with eyes open, smiling and even Peggy looking at the camera - perfection!

So that was September for me, how was yours? 

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