Saturday, October 12, 2019

Healthy Mama || When the Wrinkles Come a-Knocking

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People often look for means to hold on to their youth after they hit a certain age and this is the reason that both men and women opt for anti-ageing treatments, cosmetic enhancements and ALL the products. Most of the time though, the results are not even close to your expectations, so it's no wonder that the beauty industry has one of the biggest markets in the world, taking in a whopping 14 billion pounds in Britain alone this year. Nowadays it seems to be getting ever more 'normal' to go under the knife or needle, with young women, even our teens venturing to qualified salons to have their lips enhanced or 'wrinkles' ironed out. Although for many it's all about achieving a certain 'look', for some of us it's more like giving us a confidence boost or making us feel like ourselves again.

Having turned 35 recently, I'm very much seeing the effects of aging on my skin, especially as I seriously neglected any kind of skin care regime until just a few years ago. As much as I'm all for growing old gracefully, I do have one stubborn frown line at the top of my nose that in all honesty, if i could afford the upkeep, I probably would have it cosmetically treated, as I feel it does make me look a little angry when my face is relaxed and irritates me when I look in the mirror. Even though it's something I would probably not do myself, mainly due to finances or lack thereof, I thought I'd read up a little more about the process of botox and what it really does to our skin.

If you've tried and tested all possible avenues to stop the onset of wrinkles on your face, and may be looking to give something like a botox treatment a try, you could choose to get in touch with the leading botox injection sites and make the most out of this dynamic, effective and minimally invasive anti-ageing treatment. If you want to know a little more though, feel free to read through the following info with just some of the advantages of the botox treatments.

Looking younger is made possible with Botox treatment

You might have used several anti-ageing products that have failed to meet your expectations but Botox is a treatment that is a class apart. It is one of the most effective ways you can bring back your younger self. When wrinkles are gone, your complexion is bright and your skin feels smooth, you will be feeling more confident and feel more able to take on the challenges of the world more easily. Even though the process seems costly, it's amazing how much we can fork out on over the counter products over time that have little effect, so it may be something to think about.

It is a safe procedure due to its minimally-invasive nature

Botox treatment involves using the purified version of the botulinum toxin that is injected under the skin of an individual. It temporarily paralyzes the muscle in the target area where the signs of ageing are prominent. As such a small amount of the toxin is used in a safe area, it is considered safe, but it is very important to make sure you have it done somewhere reputable with all the official qualifications and licenses required to perform the procedures. You should also keep in mind that you would need to avoid taking certain medications like ibuprofen, aspirin and the likes before you head for the treatment, as drugs like these can reduce the effect of botox treatment.

It is simple to administer and takes less time to complete 

Botox treatment is a non-surgical procedure which means getting under the knife and reeling from pain afterwards is a thing of the past when opting for this treatment. Cosmetic surgical procedures are not only costly but also compel an individual to consume a lot of drugs afterwards for the process to have positive results. Botox treatment, on the other hand, is simple. A few injections in areas where the signs of ageing are maximum and presto! You will be enjoying smoother, softer, younger-looking skin in no time. When you opt for a Botox treatment, you would be spending a maximum of ten to fifteen minutes with the specialist – that’s it. Furthermore, there is no need to take some time out for recovery from the procedure. You can head straight to work or home after getting the treatment.

There is no doubt that for the right person, botox can be a useful and easily accessible treatment for younger looking skin, I've also been surprised how safe it's deemed to be and how little side effects there seems to be from these treatments. That said, I don't think I'm quite prepared to go down this route just yet - but never say never!

Would you ever consider a treatment like botox?