Sunday, October 27, 2019

Mama Life || Thoughts On Alf Turning Eight

Next week Alf turns eight and as I think back to that first day of taking that very first pregnancy test up to now, it's crazy all the things we've all been through, what I've put my body through and how our family has grown! Not only that, but since that day we've made a whole other human in the form of his sister Sophie and it's all a bit amazing really when you think about it.

When I think back to the 'young' naive 26 year old that fell pregnant, I realise I've changed a hell of a lot. Now, at 35 I feel like a totally different person, which a year ago would have been a bad thing, but now I really like who I've become, I've learnt to appreciate all the quirks that make me, me, and for once I'm really looking forward to the future, with us all together and all the things we have planned.

Although the day to day of school and work life can feel a bit heavy sometimes, we generally have it all pretty good and I am very thankful that we've all made it through this far in one piece. Alf's pregnancy and birth was very traumatic and it took me a long, long time to feel OK again afterwards. The next big thing was Alf's accident when he was a toddler. This in hindsight was the start of a very bad time for me and I wish I'd had a little more support and help at the time to get through it. After that, my anxiety spiralled and I became very low. Luckily my pregnancy with Sophie was a breeze, feeling no discomfort until the final week or so followed by a pretty quick and easy (although painful as hell) birth and the easiest baby you could ever meet! I'll be forever grateful that Soph was an easy baby, because I think if it had been a repeat of the first time it would have completely broken me. Alf was always a gorgeous smiley cuddly baby, but he never wanted to leave my side which I loved, but did make things difficult to get done, he also suffered with bad reflux, colic and constipation, so there was a lot of tears for the first year from us both! Luckily now, he's still just as cuddly and clingy which for his age is amazing, I love cuddles.

As the years have gone on, we've created the most amazing family and I honestly couldn't ask for kinder, cleverer or funnier kids, they are just lovely to be around and although of course they have their moments, I'm very lucky. We've got so many memories together and I'm happy to be a bit of a paparazzi mum with heaps of pictures and videos of them growing up, they are totally priceless and we regularly look through old photos and films together which properly warms my heart.

At seven early eight, Alf is the most kind hearted, sweetest boy I've ever known, he is highly cautious of other peoples feelings, always helping others and is keen for everyone else to be happy too. It's taken him a while to get used to the fact that some people, and some children just aren't nice and that we can't change that. Like me though, he smiles through and remains kind and calm himself, despite how those around him may be. The love h has for his sister is beautiful, he's always looking out for her, comforting her and I literally can't imagine a better brother. This boy is super creative, always in a rush, packed with excitement and adores his family more than anyone I've ever met. With a huge love of animals, his compassion is wild beyond his years and it amazes me just how thoughtful he can be. He really is so special.

So as we get ready for the big eighth birthday, I just wanted to share how proud I am of this boy, my boy and the Mum and person he's helped me to be along with his amazing sister. Eight years, eight wonderful years full of ups, downs and being together, always.