Wednesday, October 02, 2019

Mama Style || The Highs & Lows of Dress Shopping

With an upcoming wedding, I've spent the last few weeks searching the rails for the perfect dress. I don't have the perfect figure, but I also don't think I'm asking too much of a dress, so why on earth is it so bloody difficult?

One thing that has made it harder maybe is not feeling good at my current weight, which obviously doesn't help, but I don't think shops have been to helpful either. I wanted to buy in store as opposed to online, purely because I knew it would be hard work and I didn't want the faff of sending stuff back every day, but man was it a crap experience. 

So what I want from a dress is nothing too clingy, a flattering fabric, a nice modern pattern or even plain, mid or long length sleeves and not too short. You'd think that would be a pretty reasonable list, but it's been SO hard to find something. I've tried on all sorts, from wiggle dresses, shirt dresses, bodycon, big flowy gowns, pretty much everything I could find that ticked at least one box, didn't repulse me and came in my size - with no joy. 

The reason I left dress shopping late is that my weight and tastes can fluctuate so much, there was no point buying something three months ago that I'd have to squeeze into or hang off me, only to hate it on the day. This week though, I finally found a dress that ticks every box in some way and although it's not the most 'wedding' dress, it is what I was after and it's a style and print that suits me.

All hail the NEXT red leopard dress at just £22, finally. It's made  of a super comfy slightly stretch fabric, it's really light and lovely to wear, the colour is vibrant, with a modern pattern and I can dress it up and down - win win win! What do you think? The wedding we are going to is quite alternative, with a punky Mama bride and her biker fiance, so leopard will fit the theme and the fit of the dress just feels bang on for my shape. Seeing as I'm a very different shape to the model below, the dress is a little longer on me, but just goes to show that the right dress can be a good all rounder for all shapes and sizes and this is definitely a winner.

Just today I was asked to be a witness at the wedding, which is an amazing honour and I just hope the dress works on the day and looks OK in all the pictures and not too casual. Either way, I'll feel good, comfortable and glam and really look forward to celebrating the most important day for two of my favourite people.

Do you find dress shopping a nightmare?