Wednesday, October 09, 2019

Home Style || Home Improvement Ideas To Increase Property Value

Home Style - Collaborative Post

Do you own your home? If so, you'll no doubt agree that one of the biggest worries for us homeowners is affording the larger of the home improvement projects, yet it's these very things that will make the biggest impact and improve the sale value of our homes. 

Like most things in life, with our homes you have to put in the effort and funds to reap the benefits - in this case of an improved living space and property value. Although you may not be thinking of selling up just yet, making the property better for you and your family to live in now will have the added bonus of bringing you in a better profit when or if the time does come to sell.

Today, with many families relying on a single income, it's a hard stretch to justify forking out large amounts for much needed home renovation. Unfortunately most good quality home repairs are quite expensive, but making life easier for our families and increasing the sale value are well worth the effort if you can find a way to make these changes work for you and your budget.


Improving the interior of our homes is a great place to start, as it's here we will spend our time and see the most benefits of any changes made. It's important that we can make the most of every room as well as every bit of space we have. With modern families come a lot of possessions,so thinking about utilising that space with the perfect storage or furniture choices can make a big difference to the look and feel of your home. Home decor choices can make a big difference too, with lighter brighter options making the room feel larger, higher and more pleasant to be in. 


When it comes to the exterior, we tend to follow suit with our neighbours and style of property by large. Whilst it is great to show a little personality inside and outside our homes, if you are thinking of selling up it may be time to tone down the more extreme choices to appeal to a wider market, as some people do find it hard to look past decor and curb appeal is everything. Think about what most people would like to see when they pull up to a potential new home and go with that. Think about parking facilities, garden space and accessibility to the property making the most of the space available with a few homely touches.


Although the larger jobs such as new kitchens, bathrooms, boilers and Double glazing are a little daunting financially, there are options such as Double Glazing Funding to help you along with your projects, providing sufficient funds to renovate your home. This kind of major renovation helps increase your comfort in the home, but it also makes your property safer and more secure whilst increasing the value. If you're likely to sell soon, it's worth considering how much difference the work will make, so that you know it's worthwhile financially, but if you're staying put it's more important to focus on the value to you and your family that these upgrades will bring.

Where to start?

Although the kitchen is considered the heart of the home, it is a costly project and can cost a lot of money. You may be able to make positive changes on a smaller scale, by simply updating things like your appliances, counter tops and cupboard doors for a fresh new look on a smaller budget. 

Also, choosing eco-friendly paint, materials and energy-efficient appliances will contribute to saving money in the long run as they use less energy. The bathroom also costs a lot for remodelling, but it's up there with the importance of a modern usable kitchen. Having the right accessories and additions mean that quick repairs can be made when needed.

Living rooms are another vital area to get right in a family home. Making space for ample seating, storage for those every day must haves and the feeling of greater space are key to the perfect communal living area. 

Across the home generally, adding energy-efficient windows, doors and insulation can help to save more money and energy costs in the future, as well as making the home safer and more secure from crime and the elements. Double glazing is a good choice as it lasts longer, maintains temperatures and protects the home from noise, UV radiation and condensation problems. 

If you need a helping hand, there are many providers ready to fund for your amazing timeless home improvements, with a plan to suit you. Making big changes can be scary, but they can be very rewarding too! 

Do you have any home improvements in the pipeline?