Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Home Style || Making a Home That's More Personal to You

Home Style || Collaborative Post

It’s easy to scroll through Instagram or flick through home magazines and get an idea in your head of how your home ‘should’ be. Lots of these images depict flawless rooms in white or grey, minimalistic with super stylish decor items. That’s all well and good, but how much would this kind of room really reflect you? Would it even be practical for you and your family? Our homes should be personal, they should be filled with things we love and not based solely on trends. Get out of your head the idea of what you think your home should be, and start creating something you genuinely love. Here’s a few simple tips to get you started...

Choose a colour that feels like ‘you’

Neutrals are great- if you want to start with a white, cream or light grey base then this can be helpful as anything else you put in the room will work well. From there, you can pick whatever accent colour you want, and incorporate this with cushions, curtains, rugs and other accessories. It could be a bright shade like red or orange, a calming pastel hue or a metallic tone like silver, gold or rose gold. Think about what colours you’re naturally drawn to, and will make the room feel like your own. By sticking with a neutral base, you can change colours more frequently and easily by simply replacing your soft furnishings and accessories.

Hang wall art that makes you happy

Forget the trendy canvasses or pretty prints that match your decor. Pick things you genuinely love looking at, quotes that inspire you or photographs that capture your most precious memories. Get some poster frames and hang cool, vintage posters that remind you of your youth. Paint your own pictures, get a big canvas and have fun splashing paint around - you could even involve the kids if that's your thing. Otherwise you could go to a gallery and choose something from an artist that you absolutely love, even a print of your favourite works will give you the wow factor without the price tag. It’s a big part of your decor and something you’ll look at every day, so your art work may as well be something you enjoy. 

Add interesting decor

Display items in your home that have meaning to you- a shelf full of your favourite novels, travel souvenirs, photos- items that you love. Again, forget generic trendy items that everyone has in their home, show off things that tell the story of who you are. Think of things like interesting lamps and light fittings, quirky coffee tables, upcycled TV units that will all bring in some added personality. The trick is to choose a few key pieces to show off and keep the rest more simple if you want to draw the eye to these things and not to make the room look overwhelmed. However, remember that there are no real hard and fast rules, it’s your home so you make the decisions.

How have you made your home feel more personal, and less ‘generic showhome’?