Thursday, December 05, 2019

Mama Style || Choosing The Right Hair Colour For You

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The hair colour is closely related to our personality, so you have to choose correctly. Choosing an inappropriate colour can produce effects that we don't like. For example, we can accentuate features of our face that we don't want, making them harder. We can also add a few years or make our skin tone seem more muted. And it goes without saying that it is important to highlight or not certain parts of our face like the nose. Not only is makeup important, but hairstyles are also essential when it comes to being elegant.

If we have a sentimental break, nothing better than removing depression with good body care. We may simply want to change the style, and one of the first things we can do is change the hair colour. Since not everyone knows well what colour they can fit, in this article we want to help you learn to choose it.

The hair colour that best suits the face

If you have warm skin, it will be very easy to choose the directions hair colours to enhance the face. In this case, the yellow and brown tones are the predominant in this class of skins. Therefore, a hair colour that can reflect those tones is the most appropriate. To do this, we can try the dark brown tones to get a good result.

Colours such as chestnut, mahogany, or eggplant will also be an interesting option to consider. If you are looking to reflect younger skin, you can try light brown. Highlights can be a good choice.

For people who have cold skins, which are the clearest, there are also many options to choose from. A great option if you have a cold tone, you can choose colours such as gold, light blond, copper, or brown. In the case of a darker skin tone, gentle dyeing is recommended. This serves to make the change with the hair much more harmonious. Otherwise, the result would be too artificial.

With this technique, we will be fully able to choose the hair colour that best suits what we need. We can get a colour that makes a face prettier, and we have a younger appearance.

How to choose the colour of hair to match that of our eyes?

Another way to choose a good hair colour and that favours us is taking into account the colour of our eyes. Therefore, we must follow a series of guidelines that will allow us to find the colour that best suits us. If your eyes are green, you can highlight them very simply. With cold skin, the most recommended hair colour is ash blond. If you have warm skin, brown hair tones are the most favourable. In this way, you will see much softer features and sweeter features.

In case you have black or dark brown eyes, you can choose between different shades. All this depends upon the skin type you have. For example, if you have cold skin, light tone, the most recommended are intense brown or black. If you have warm or darker skin, it is advisable to have a range of brown colours. In this way, the face will look younger and with much softer features

For those people who have brown eyes, different options are very interesting. In this case, a platinum hair colour or blond hair is one of the best alternatives for cold skin. If you have warm skin, it is best to opt for mahogany and brown tones.

Finally, if you have blue eyes, there are colours that we should not forget. Having blue eyes, if the skin is cold, a formidable option is to choose intense black colour. One of the best home remedies is to play with tints to get bluish or iridescent blacks, getting amazing effects. This will make a face look much sweeter, and the eyes will be highlighted.

If you have warm skin, caramel blond hair will be one of the most striking choices. You will be surprised at the results that can be achieved with this dye colour. Nothing better as self-help is to do a good meditation to get deep relaxation and then go to the hairdresser, knowing what colour is right for us. 

Tricks to keep hair dye colour perfect

If you use directions hair dye regularly to dye your hair, you will know that maintaining a perfect colour tone with the washes costs a lot of effort and of course, money. This is why if you dye your hair and want it to have a perfect tone, you should not avoid making the typical mistakes that spoil the colour of your hair.

Here is a series of simple tips and recommendations so that you extend the duration of the colour and brightness of the dye. And your hair looks bright as if you had just applied the colour.

· Avoid the sun and UVA rays
· Avoid excessively long washes
· Use specific shampoos
· Avoid overusing the dryer and iron