Friday, December 06, 2019

Mama Style || Gifting Treasures With Abelini

Mama Style || Collaborative Post

Most of us love a bit of bling and sometimes we want something extra special, as a treat to ourselves or as a gift for a loved one. Sparkles add the finishing touch to an outfit, they give that special edge and are always well received as gifts as they come with a twinkling wow factor. 

Just recently, I was sent some treasure of my very own in the form of a sample necklace from Abelini, which for me is just perfect with a simple silver chain, setting and a sparkly stone to add a subtle splash of colour to my wears this Christmas. Abelini create the perfect selection of jewellery from engagement rings, pendants and earrings to suit every budget and occasion, with a choice of metals, cuts and styles to suit every taste too.

Diamond Jewellery Sale Online

Abelini jewellery is all designed and crafted her in the UK and their uniquely designed pieces are just perfect with every part finished to a high quality. They also offer great value, with less overheads and import costs they are able to give good reliable prices for products that you just don't see on the high street made from ethically sourced materials. Companies that are so transparent in their sources and production are a real breath of fresh air, and I think if you're on the lookout for some special jewellery, Abelini is a good choice for your next jewellery purchase, here's a few favourites;

Something I love about Abelini is that they have a special home trial service where you can order samples of the products you love to try on before you commit to the full version. Buying online can always be a worry, but by trying a sample first you can really get a feel for the item before you commit, as you never know quite how much you'll love it from pictures. Samples are made from silver with faux jewels, so it's close to the real thing enough to get a good idea if it's right for you. This service is especially useful for things like engagement rings that you just have to get right! The service is very easy to use and gives you the chance to explore the huge range in the flesh, though if you're in London you can visit their store too.

Bezel Setting Round Diamond  Small Hoop Drop Earrings (6.50mm)

My sample was this beautiful simple silver pendant and chain, with one large sparkly cubic zirconia stone and I love the simplicity of it. Abelini are currently trying to help people find their perfect Abelini piece and for me, this is it. Simple, beautiful and special. If you're not entirely sure of someone's tastes, then a classic pendant like this could be just the ticket.

The real deal!

I'm super happy with my necklace and have really enjoyed getting to know the Abelini brand and seeing all they have to offer. If you're on the hunt for the perfect treasure to gift yourself or a loved one this Christmas, then take a look at the Abelini website for a little inspiration. You can also check out their socials to keep up to date with new designs, offers and news - Instagram, Twitter, Facebook.