March 27, 2020

Healthy Mama || Battling Anxiety & Pain With Evo Pure Hemp Oil


I've heard so much over the past year or so about hemp oils and although they are crazy popular, they seemed too good to be true. Natural sources of pain relief, stress relief and all other kinds of health benefits all in one tiny bottle. I've turned down numerous chances to review this kind of thing but when Evo Pure got in touch and I had a good read through of the FAQs and did a little research, I figured it was worth a shot, especially as just lately my stress levels and anxiety have been a little dire and I need all the help I can get to stay a little more calm. The product I was sent to try was the Evo Pure Full Spectrum Hemp Oil pictured below...

The main reason I wanted to try this product out was for anxiety which is currently really bad again, not surprising with so much going on in the world and I just wanted a little helping hand to keep myself grounded. I also have sore muscles, a byproduct of feeling stressed, anxious and tense, so I hoped that this would help lessen those factors too and maybe even help me sleep if the other two issues are improved...

About Evo Pure

The following is from the Evo Pure website as they say it a lot better than me! But it's good to understand why the product exists and where it comes from;

'Evopure was founded to rebuild personal nutrition in two ways; First, to provide organic, plant based products straight from its source to help support your everyday health. Second, to give you a way of enjoying mother nature’s remedies without damaging mother nature herself. With the help of hemp farmers who have been growing this powerful crop for decades, we provide only the best quality, sustainably sourced CBD. The CBD is grown, processed and bottled on the farm. Each step is committed to sustainable farming methods, helping to reduce our impact on the land. Our process uses specialised CO2 extraction to take CBD and all of the other natural properties from the hemp plant, free of any damaging chemicals. Finally, we only produce our CBD in small batches to ensure that it does not sit idle for long periods. Each small batch is independently lab tested as part of our strict quality guidelines.'

Evo Pure are also committed to giving 1% to environmental non profits, ensuring each product goes from farm to door carbon free - amazing! 

The product

The product I was sent comes in the form of oil with a dropper for easy application. I think it's important to mention that this product does not contain HTC, meaning we get all the good bits of the plant without the bad (or good however you look at it!). The oil is 100% natural and is said to be great for helping with chronic pain and anxiety as well as many other ailments. The bottle contains about 30 servings, and you can use a few times a day, gradually building up your use. Add a drop under your tongue, leave for 40-60 seconds and then swallow. Everyone is different, so you can play around until you find the right dosage for you and you'll soon get used to what you need. For me, the taste was fine, better than expected and nothing too strong. I did find it hard to hold it there for the time initially but soon got used to it, though it does feel a little strange still it's not bad.

For me, I found that after using this I began to notice I was a little calmer, mainly because my muscle tension had lessened meaning my back ached less and therefore I slept better and my anxiety was reduced. I didn't have any 'miracles' from using this, but feeling calmer, sleeping better and having less pain are all major bonuses in my book! I gradually got used to the application each day and having now used this up I do kind of miss it and can now see a little clearer how much good it did me. I was initially worried about getting the 'high feeling' even though I knew it didn't contain any HTC, but needless to say I didn't, I just felt more relaxed and my muscles were a little more chilled out, which is great for me. 

Although I did really enjoy using this product, I think I'd like to try either a vape option or capsule version next so it would be a little nicer to take (I presume), though I would definitely buy the oil again after trying those as it's so worth having less pain and you can't really put a price on that. Feeling more relaxed, having less pain and sleeping better are all the pros I got from this product, so it's definitely a thumbs up. I'm not majorly keen on having oil in my mouth, but it is worth it for the results, so I would recommend this product!

To see more from Evo Pure, pop over to their website where they have lots more information about hemp oil and the Evo Pure brand.

Have you tried a hemp oil before?

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