March 05, 2020

Healthy Mama || 5 Ways I'm Keeping My Mental Health In Check

This year has been a struggle so far. I've been up and down like a yo-yo and just feeling totally lost in life to put it bluntly. Knowing how my brain works, I've been really conscious of keeping my mental health in check, keeping my head above water and looking after myself as I know only too well where this kind of mindset can lead otherwise. Although it's not easy to do, I do have a few methods that I practise that do keep me on top and stop me going under, so I thought I'd share for anyone else that may be struggling right now or that may stumble across this in the future. Here's five things I do to keep my mental health in check:

Get creative

The number one thing that puts me at ease is getting creative. I have an Etsy shop so I can feel like I'm producing things for a reason which helps too. However low I'm feeling I force myself to get out with my camera, do some drawing, illustrating or writing. Sometimes I feel it's pointless but I force myself anyway and although sometimes it can take a while to kick in, it does bring me some happiness along the line, so getting creative is a great way to distract your mind, express feelings and do something for you.

Think of number one

Self care is absolutely not selfish and it's taken me a long time to learn that I don't have to make sure everyone else is OK before sorting myself out. They say you can't pour from an empty cup and it's so true. If you use all your headspace and energy sorting other peoples troubles and making them happy, you neglect to look after yourself or keep yourself happy. When you're in a mental health slump it's absolutely crucial that you care for yourself and not just with pamper sessions,  but also getting enough sleep, giving your body the right fuel, time and space it needs to recover. For me, weight is always an issue, but instead of expecting some Amazing weight loss effect from the never ending diet cycle, I'll be listening to my body and giving it what it needs.

Remove toxic influences

If scrolling through Facebook has you feeling depressed, delete the app for a while and stop looking at it. If people in your life bring you anything but happiness, take a break from them. Where possible, distance yourself as much as possible from anyone that has any kind of negative influence on you mentally and give yourself room to breathe and be happy. People may not respond well to you adding distance between you, but their thoughts are not yours, you don't need to feel guilty for doing what's right for you.

Search for positivity

When you're feeling low and everything feels pointless and meaningless, hunt hard for those positives and maybe even write them down if it helps. Finding things you're thankful for can help shift your mind from the negatives and make life seem just a little more hopeful. Gratitude does wonders for us mentally and it's sometimes hard to see the good things in life until you consciously make yourself sift them out.

Learn to breathe again/meditation

I use a meditation app to get some relaxation in and it works an absolute treat! Breathing right can slow down your anxiety and help you feel grounded again. Meditation is super relaxing and the feeling of calmness can evoke happiness too. If you struggle to do this alone, look for help on YouTube, find an app that talks you through and times your breathing, provides calming music or talks you through bad times. It all helps I promise!

I really hope this helps you when you're in a slump, please share with anyone that needs a little help right now and remember you are not alone and there is so much help out there to guide us.

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