Saturday, March 28, 2020

Healthy Mama || Fresh New Skincare With Gallinée

Healthy Mama || Gifted Review

Skincare after turning thirty has been so important. My hair and skin just don't take the abuse they used to, and I need to look after them far more, with regular treatments and daily routines just to keep them in a reasonably good state. Sometimes you just find a gem of a product that clicks perfectly with your skin and I've done just that with my latest product review from Gallinée whose tagline reads 'Happy skin needs happy bacteria'. We've heard about healthy bacteria being needed for our insides, but it's less known that we also need the right levels of bacteria to keep our skin healthy, I had no clue! To me, bacteria sounds like something we clean off our faces, but actually the right kind are needed to keep our skin well balanced and healthy. 

Gallinée got in touch offering two of their key products for review, including the 120ml Foaming Facial Cleanser which retails at £15 and the 200ml Face Vinegar, £21. Gallinée focus on balancing the right bacteria, something we don't hear much about in the skin care world, but it all makes sense when you think about it. Gallinée aim to protect the delicate microbiome of our skin, a protective layer made up of good bacteria that if unbalanced can cause spots and irritation, something I am all too familiar with. The products contain a patented complex of prebiotics, probiotics and postbiotics to nourish and support our skin and keep our bacteria levels happy.

I love trying new products and from the reviews I've seen previously, these were not one to be turned down! I was keen to get started as just now my skin is sore, dry and spotty (lots of stress!) and in need of a lot more TLC than it currently gets. That said, I did cleanse, tone and moisturise every night before this trial, but my angry looking skin has still got the better of me. Here's how I got on...

Foaming Cleanser

The foaming cleanser is a gentle foaming solution created to cleanse whilst protecting your skin and good bacteria containing 98% natural ingredients. This 120ml bottle will go a long long way as each pump produces a good amount of creamy foam for simple cleansing. Simply apply to damp skin, massage in and rinse well.

This is a very satisfyingly light fluffy and creamy foam that comes out easily from the gentle chunky pump. The light fluffy bubbles really seem to get in deep and clear dirt from pores, feeling great on, leaving happy skin after. Even using after my normal cleaner, I remove yet more dirt with this which is quite shocking. After rinsing your face, it's left feeling squeaky clean and clear. This is now part of my daily routine and it still surprises me how much muck my skin is hiding when I already think I've cleansed to remove makeup. I really love that there is no strong scent, just a very light fruity one and it's suitable for sensitive skin which is great for me. Although it stung a tiny bit the first time on my super sore red forehead area, after a few days of use this irritation had cleared up from using these products so it was no longer an issue.

Just to note, my skin previously was so sore that even water alone made it sting and the fact that this cleared my skin up is amazing, I've been trying products on and off for a while and nothing seems to soothe it for more than a day or so, whereas this has kept the irritation off completely for over two weeks - massive win! My spots have decreased and my face looks generally more radiant and clear, making even my makeup application easier. I also like using this in the shower as I can quickly wet my skin, cleanse and rinse with ease, though I do like using a cleansing cloth so I can see what I've removed. This cleanser is a great choice if you want a light, effective gentle cleanser that leaves your skin looking brighter and fresher with each wash. I really like the feeling of using this product and the results speak for themselves. The bottle will last a long time and I think it's great value for money for something that actually solves problems whilst being enjoyable to use.

Face Vinegar

The Face Vinegar from Gallinée comes in a large 200ml bottle, which for the price of just £21 I think is brilliant. This is like a 'super toner' as it calms skin, reduces irritation and lets your skins natural bacteria flourish. This product is also said to reduce scarring, protect from external ageing factors, dislodge dirt and regulate sebum in the skin. The 'vinegar' comes from the hibiscus flower, containing 97.5% all natural ingredients.

This is a product I didn't know existed until recently, but now I wouldn't be without it. Firstly, it doesn't smell like chip shop vinegar as I'm sure will be your first question too! In fact much like the cleanser there is no strong scent and no added perfume to this at all, which is great as less scent = less nasties on our skin. Using this after the foaming cleanser leaves my skin feeling truly amazing, totally smooth and super clean without drying it out. The duo has really helped to clear my skin up over the past couple of weeks and I love them both equally. I have still had a bit of a flare up this week as I near my monthly cycle, but my skin is a lot calmer than usually at this time and my worst areas (chin and forehead) feel and look so much better than they did. I really hope this continues because at 35 I am well and truly over having spotty skin!

Along with the two full size products I received two samples. One was a 3ml sachet of Hydrating Face Cream and also a small 5ml tube of Hand Cream. Although I haven't been able to use these long term due to them being sample size, I've used what I had and I'm also impressed with these so will definitely be adding the larger size face cream to my birthday list. I love the hand cream but don't use hand products often enough, so I'll focus on carrying on with my facial skin care for now. The face cream feels really hydrating and light, without being heavy or greasy like a lot of creams, it also feels great after using the other two products, the perfect trio. The hand cream is very light and non greasy which is the main thing I'd look for in a hand product. You can also use this on your feet and it's on offer right now for just £7 for 50ml to help us all keep our hands in good condition while we are washing them so much with everything that's going on. Lovely idea Gallinée!

My skin seems to really respond well to the Gallinee range so far and as someone with very sensitive spot prone skin, especially when I'm stressed or tired (i.e. most the time!) these have really helped calm down my sore areas, reduce dryness and clear up my spots almost completely, I couldn't really ask for more than that! The product sizes are amazing for the price and I've already got my eyes on a couple of the other products to try such as the serum (I love a serum!) and face mask/scrub.

If you have problematic or sensitive skin, I'd recommend giving these products a try, it's a big thumbs up from me, as well as all the major beauty mags too! To find out more, pop over to the Gallinée website to read all about their brand and view all the products they have created so far.  Have you tried anything from Gallinée before?