Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Mama Life || 50 Tasks To Keep Kids Busy At Home

kids activities at home for rainy days covid

As we're all on lockdown and most of us trying to survive whilst also keeping kids busy and preserving our sanity, I thought I'd share a few ideas to work through to keep the kids busy through the coming weeks. Some may not be for you and some may have to be adapted to what you have available, but here's 50 ideas for starters to keep our little ones busy at home...

  1. Baking - find recipes for what you have in the cupboard!
  2. Paper mache - hats, giant eggs, pinatas, volcano?
  3. Lego challenges (find some on Pinterest!)
  4. Easter egg hunt (cut out and decorate paper eggs, hide around the house)
  5. Word searches & cross words - lots to download online or create your own
  6. Colouring - dig out the books, download their favourite characters to colour or draw something
  7. Start a band - using instruments or making their own from things around the house
  8. Teach them to sew
  9. Master the Rubik's cube (YouTube!)
  10. Write letters to family & friends
  11. Draw self portraits
  12. See what nature can be found in the garden
  13. Stay up late to look at the stars
  14. Camp in the garden or living room
  15. Grow plants from seed (dry seeds from fruit and peppers if you have none in the house)
  16. Play with magnets - find things around the house to test if they are magnetic
  17. Float game - test things to see if they float, discuss why they do or don't etc
  18. Make shadow puppets
  19. Write and perform a play
  20. Write a poem
  21. Write a song
  22. Draw whilst blindfolded
  23. Learn some simple origami (YouTube!)
  24. Get active with online workout classes (YouTube!)
  25. Create your own marble run using Lego, toilet roll tubes and anything you can find
  26. Teach them songs and games from your childhood
  27. Teach them to do laundry, hang clothes and fold away
  28. Cook a tea together, research a recipe, prep and cook!
  29. Teach simple maths with piggy bank coins, set up a mini shop
  30. Water play - washing up bowl, water, cups, tubes, sponges, toy boats, fun!
  31. Make a den - sofa cushions, sticks, sheets, card boxes, anything you can find
  32. Throw a birthday party for a pet or favourite toy, bake a cake, wrap gifts from home etc
  33. Play bingo - make your own or download some printables
  34. Make paper lanterns
  35. Make seasonal decorations 
  36. Put on a fashion show
  37. Blow bubbles - use mix or make your own
  38. Glow stick bath time! Simply sink some glow sticks under the water and turn off the lights
  39. Have a home cinema treat with popcorn, blankets and your favourite films
  40. Make paper aeroplanes & race
  41. Read some favourite books with funny voices
  42. Set up a treasure hunt
  43. Make models with playdough or clay, favourite animals, people or places
  44. Do some simple science experiments (Pinterest for age appropriate ideas)
  45. Have a sleep over with a sibling
  46. Make a fruit salad or fruit kebabs
  47. Make a pet rock or log - googly eyes!
  48. Learn a dance routine
  49. Make sock puppets
  50. Look at old photos and videos

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kids activities at home for rainy days covid