Thursday, June 27, 2019

Mama Life || Making Your Wedding Perfect For You

Mama Life // Collaborative Post

The traditional wedding doesn’t really exist anymore. Couples now are much more concerned with creating a day that suits them perfectly, and if that means going against tradition, so be it.

Part of the reason for more unique weddings is cost. Many couples see how much “tradition” costs and decide that they could do a lot more with their budget if they were to design a wedding more true to their own wants and needs and this is a really healthy approach. Marriage is about loving each other and enjoying your time together and that’s what a wedding is designed to celebrate. So how can you personalise your wedding?

Choosing the Music

The music is one of the easiest things to personalise. Most wedding bands will be happy to take requests as long as you give them ample time to practice and they can change some lyrics to make the songs more personal too. 

If you are sticking to a tight budget, a lovely way to personalise the day is to invite requests from your guests ahead of time and then put together a playlist. Naturally, you should screen out any weird requests or songs you hate but the idea really brings people together and will probably keep the dance floor full all night too. Even better, a playlist doesn’t require any supervision and you can share it with your guests after the wedding too. 

Decorations and Design

The mix and match craft scene has made a big impact on wedding decoration ideas where the budget is low but the Instagrammability is high. Making use of vintage items and off-beat ideas will bring personality to your venue as well as a unique beauty. Hit the charity shops for cheap glasses and teacups and search for bargains online too. And, when you are done, sell the things you don’t want on or return them to a charity shop. 

There are lots of wedding craft ideas you might like to consider but to keep your theme in check, stick to a particular style or colour scheme. Carefully curating your decorations is the best way to avoid a junk shop feel and sticking to natural materials is a good idea too. Collecting shells, pine cones, crisp brown leaves and pressed flowers is a cheap and easy way to decorate any room stylishly. 

Do the Ceremony Your Way

The traditional wedding ceremony doesn’t really work for everyone. Actually, for some couples, going down to the registry office with a small family group and two witnesses to do the formal stuff and then throwing a big party for everyone else is a lot cheaper and easier to organise.

Your ceremony doesn’t need to involve religion or long speeches or a wedding party with 10 bridesmaids. Your ceremony should be about the things that make you happy so whether you want to do a pagan hand tying ritual or you want to exchange vows in SCUBA gear in the local swimming pool, the most important thing is that you do it your way.