February 20, 2020

Create || My Colouring Book Is Now For Sale & I love it!

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Back in January I posted to tell you about the colouring book I was starting and I'm super happy to say it's all finished and now for sale on Amazon! I'm so happy with the way it's turned out, with 34 pages and plenty to colour and explore. It is a good slice of me, with some traces of my pictures going back over the last eight ish years, so all a little different and lots of things to colour and spot in each picture. I really hope people will love it too. Here's the full cover (back and front) showing one of the pattern pages in full colour. This is a great colouring book for busy minds and makes a great distraction when you need some down time.

I won't spoil it by showing you all the pictures, but here's nine to show you a variety of the kind of things you'll find inside. To me it's not all that weird, but I know to many it will be especially when it's all together, which explains the name and I really love it.

If you fancy getting stuck into some colouring that's a little different, then I'd love it if you tried my colouring book, Weirdlings Of Wafflemamaart, available right now on Amazon (link below) for just £4. Let me know what you think!

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