February 21, 2020

Mama Life || 6 Series Worth A Binge Watch This Weekend

I do love a good binge watch, do you? I always have some kind of series on the go and although some are fine for background noise while I work, sometimes I just get truly sucked in and addicted until the end and it often makes me feel a bit lost when they finish. I thought I'd share five of my favourite series to binge watch, that can be found on BBC iplayer, Netflix or Prime video.

Anne with an E (Netflix)

This one came as a nice surprise for me. I never ever watch period drama type programmes and they usually irritate me no end. I only clicked on this because my crap eyes made me think she was wearing a tracksuit in one picture, so I thought that the girl maybe got reborn in different times or time travelled, but alas it was all set in the same era and was just lovely. Anne is living in a children's home when she mistakenly gets taken to a home for adoption, to a couple that actually wanted a boy. Of course she ends up staying and the rest is history, but I won't tell you too much as not to ruin it all. This was such a heartwarming lovely story, that shows a little about how past traumas can affect people and the tear jerking reality of a child not feeling wanted. The story frustratingly ends after the last series as no more has been commissioned to be made, but even though at the moment it's on hold, it's well worth a watch even if it doesn't look like your cup of tea. I really enjoyed seeing all the houses and fashion from the time too, it was an all round good watch and fully binge worthy.

Amybeth McNulty in Anne (2017)
Credit: IMDb

Catastrophe (Prime)

I knew nothing about this and watched purely based on the picture and blurb and I ended up really loving it. This story sees two people get together rather quickly and start a family, with a guy visiting from the U.S falling for a British girl. It's a really funny, relatable journey into parenting. There are four seasons on Prime and hopefully more to come, it's a great easy to watch show that explores relationships, careers and stumbling into adulthood a little unexpectedly.

Sharon Horgan and Rob Delaney in Catastrophe (2015)
Credit: IMDb

Sex Education (Netflix)

You may have heard about this recently as it's the most popular show on Netflix so far this year. This is a teen based show with an American style but filmed in the UK with British actors. The show is all about the son of a Sex Counsellor that decides to make a bit of cash at school giving out advice to his peers, despite being very inexperienced himself. There's some really funny bits, some exploring sexuality and a really cool part played by Gillian Anderson, the boys mother. This is such an easy watch and well worth catching up with the two series on Netflix right now.

Patricia Allison, Aimee Lou Wood, Asa Butterfield, Kedar Williams-Stirling, Ncuti Gatwa, Tanya Reynolds, Emma Mackey, and Connor Swindells in Sex Education (2019)
Credit: IMDb

Atypical (Netflix)

This show is slight comedy slight drama, following autistic teen Sam, along his journey through the teenage years with his problem parents. Through the series we follow Sam through high school, embracing friendships and relationships and then on to leaving for college. Sam's parents have issues with their marriage after one has an affair and his big sister who loves him so much battles her sexuality and feelings for a friend. This is a fun, cool show with a really nice warm feel and likeable characters throughout, definitely worth a watch.

Atypical (2017)
Credit: IMDb

Shrill (iPlayer)

Shrill follows a plus sized badass journalist Annie and has two series so far, though I hope more is to come. Annie gets sick of her pain in the arse boss and dating a loser, so embarks on making her life better and shutting the haters down about her size. This was a really lovely show to watch, pretty inspiring and lovely to see a larger lady not just playing the fool but instead being lusted after and successful in her job with a good social life. This is set in America and Annie's best friend is British, but it's a nice blend without silly stereotypes and a lot of fashion inspo thrown in. This is a really good, often funny show that feels good to watch, making it the perfect weekend binge show.

Shrill (2019)

Line of duty (Netflix/iPlayer) 

L.O.D is so so good! I didn't really watch this kind of thing until recently and stumbled on this and just loved it from start to finish. Series one to four are on Netflix and the latest series (5) are over on iPlayer, with a new series hopefully coming out later this year. The series follows police unit AC-12 that investigate corrupt police officers and it's not only an interesting insight into a department I'd never heard of, but so well written with really clever storylines that all link together leaving you desperate to watch the next episode! The main three characters you really become to know and love and so want them to be happy in and out of work. Series six cannot come quick enough.

Credit: IMDb

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