February 01, 2020

Healthy Mama || Gifts To Relax, Calm & Inspire Self Care

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Sometimes we give gifts just because. Sometimes we gift to someone we care about to purely put a smile on their face and regardless of whether they are going through a bad time health wise, relationship wise or just general life wise, receiving even the smallest thoughtful token to help relax, inspire or calm your friend or loved one can be priceless. Sometimes, we just need to reassure people that we are there for them and words don't always cut it. We want people to know everything will be OK, that we support them and remind them that there is always sunshine after a storm, so finding a gift that does just that is really important. Although we are living in a time with a bit of uncertainty and a lot of change, there are so many people out there performing random acts of kindness, so this is a great place to start.

I thought I'd share some gift ideas that may make the perfect token gesture for someone in need of a little treat to make them smile on a darker day and remind them that self care is not selfish.

Keep shining bracelet | Amethyst bath bombs | Thankful today bag | Embrace the storm patch | Fluffy cosy blanket | You got this banner | Beauty sleep set Elemis | Positive energy mug | I be-leaf in you planter | Positive pants pin | Eye mask | I am enough bracelet | Refill you cup card | Sticker pack | Breathe candle

Sometimes a few kind words can make a big difference when you're in a time of need and any of these gifts would be perfect for a small little reminder that things will be OK, but until then, practise self care, relax, keep calm and ride the storm. There are so many great creators out there selling products like this and these are some of my favourite. Etsy is packed with goodies just like this, made by people that just get it.

Do you ever surprise people with gifts just to make them smile?

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