February 18, 2020

Home Style || Funky Lamps For Kids Rooms

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Lighting plays a huge part in creating the perfect look for any room, but when it comes to kids rooms it's more about choosing the right light for your needs than how it looks. Thankfully though, there are so many options out there that we can find the right lamp that's fit for purpose that also just happens to be very cool and maybe fit a theme if you have one for your kids rooms. Lighting for kids may be a safe night light to help them feel content at bed time, a soft reading light for bed time or even something bright and bold to keep them concentrating when doing homework or getting creative. Whatever you're after, I have found a great selection of smaller lamps as well as ceiling options for all budgets that may just fit the bill...

Smaller lights

Dino | Cactus | Rat | Balloon dog | Panda | Cat lamp | Unicorn | Krux IKEA | Dinosaur string lights | Paint spill | Space panda | Sky Llama

Although I love the look of string lights they do tend to be a bit impractical when they seem to be mainly battery operated these days, but I couldn't not add the dinosaur string lights because they are pretty amazing and would be the best gift or addition to an animal or dinosaur themed room. There are lots of animal options out there, some a little more grown up like the gorgeous rat lamp for older kids (or grown ups like me!) as well as super soft glowing unicorns, pandas and even more dinosaurs. I adore the little paint spill lamp too which is actually a very practical decently lit lamp in a truly unusual style, perfect to get the creative juices flowing.

Ceiling Lights 

Rose | Top Hat | Graffiti | Cats | Skateboard | Pattern | Basketball Net | Ceiling fan | Cloud | Hot air balloon | Flowers | Blue geo cage

When it comes to ceiling lights I love a bright strong bulb so I can see what's what, but there's some lovely muted options around for kids like the awesome basketball net and ball light, rain cloud with shiny rain droplets and the beautiful rose. Cheaper options like the paper hot air balloon are always a good call for a quick room makeover, but if you really want a wow factor the skateboard lighting is really original. If you're after a classic pendant shade then there are more fun options out there for kid spaces such as the cat, graffiti and modern pattern, but if you want something a little different then the top hat is just the best addition to a more grown up area.

I hope that helps if you're on the lookout for some kids lighting, how cool are these lights?!

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