February 11, 2020

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I've tried all kinds of supplements over the years and every single time I pack them in after a few weeks, mainly because I hate taking tablets and they just tend to be gigantic, hard to swallow, leave a bad taste in your mouth or make you feel sick shortly after.

Just recently I've made a discovery though and although I may be late to the party, I have to share this because if anyone out there needs a little help with supplements to get everything they need such as Vitamin D for example, there is a much better way that having painful jabs or remembering to swallow a horse tranquilizer sized straw bale each morning with breakfast.

If you've not already discovered them, then I can highly recommend purchasing your supplements in spray form. Although not the most environmentally friendly format with spastic bottles, spray vitamins are a great way to absorb some extra vitamins without the need for sickly tablets. You can use the spray bottles again though too, so all is not lost. Here's some other fab reasons you may prefer to switch to sprays...

You can take them anywhere without the need for a drink to swallow
They actually taste pretty nice
They are absorbed and therefore work quicker
They aren't any more expensive
No swallowing gigantic pills
Did I mention you don't have to swallow gigantic pills?!

So far, I've been on the Vitamin D spray which is great, works very quickly and is easy to remember because it's a minty spray like a breath freshener that I keep next to my work space for any time between meals to have a couple of sprays. I've also just invested in a Biotin one to improve my skin and hair because I know I have some deficiencies in that area too. The only thing I've struggled to find is an iron spray that is strong enough to make a difference. If you're not close to being anaemic and just want to top up your levels, there are options for you (see below) but if like me you need a pretty hefty dose, you would need too many sprays for it to be worthwhile. As I struggle with the tablets though, I'm still on the hunt for an alternative as I'm always borderline anaemic at best for some reason, despite having plenty of the good stuff in my diet.

Obviously a healthy diet and getting the right things into our body are key, but if you're interested in trying out some sprays as an alternative to your regular supplement pills, here's a few examples for you to get started...

Have you tried vitamin sprays before?

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