February 04, 2020

Home Style || Adding Some Fun & Colour To Your Home

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Being an adult is boring enough, without living in a boring home. It doesn't matter what your taste is, you should embrace it wholeheartedly in your home so the decor completely reflects you, puts you at ease and makes you smile. If your home is crying out for a little colour and fun, then I have a few little suggestions that just may get you on your way to a home that reflects your personality. As always with interior design, these wont be for everyone, but if you like a bit of oddness in your home, check these out...

I hate the fact that most things aimed at adults are so boring, like when you walk round the kids clothing department and see all the fun patterns and colours, then the adult section is grey, black and white. When it comes to the home, many retailers take the same approach but thankfully (for me at least), there are more and more designers coming up with fun options for grown ups to add a little personality to our living space. These are all great examples of how you can add a touch of charm in place of normal everyday items.

Do you love a bit of colour and pattern or do you prefer a more subtle palette when it comes to your home and decor?

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