February 20, 2020

Mama Life || I Need A Little Sun In My Life

I always struggle this time of year, when the Autumn and Winter weather has got to me and everything all just seems a little bit hopeless. I am grasping on to the fact that spring is just around the corner and loving seeing the flower shoots popping up and the days getting ever so slightly longer. I really feel a little traped by the crap weather, I'm so sick of feeling cold and I seriously just need a little sunshine in my life right now, even if it's still cold, I don't care I just need the sun to light things up again and make me feel a little bit brighter. I'm literally dreaming of a family beach day and as soon as the warmer days come we'll be at that beach as much as possible!

Even though I always feel this to some extent in winter, this year seems to be so much worse and I have no idea why. This half term so far we've done pretty much nothing, only leaving the house twice and both times getting soaked with rain and the kids fed up of walking and being cold. I just want a nice day out, I want to enjoy being outside for a while and have more excuses to venture out. I don't think it helps that we are still trying to sort our house, still trying to get our third cat to stop peeing indoors which is really stressful and have so much clutter still to clear, so the house isn't the nicest place to be right now. Also there's never anywhere to park on our street after about 7pm, so I can't even sneak out to the shops or something in the evening for fear of not having anywhere to park when I get back, just so trapped!

Whilst I can't make the sun shine unfortunately, I can try and get through this next month or so until spring kicks in with a lot of self care and a little positive thinking. I'm trying really hard to stay on top and not let myself slip too much into sadness, but I have to admit I'm struggling this week. All I ever want is to be off work with my babies and here we are and I'm wasting the days, it doesn't feel good but they are happy and don't seem to want to do much else but relax at home, so I don't need to mentally punish myself for not being busy for once.

I'm so so ready for spring now, but will hang on in here in the hope of the odd sunny winter day in the meantime.

Do you feel low this time of year?

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