March 26, 2019

Home Style || 6 Simple Tips - Kitchen

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Your kitchen is an important part of your home, especially with busy family life and pets. It’s not only a place where you spend a good amount of time, but it's also a key selling point of your property when the time comes to move on. With a bit of remodelling and some key functionality improvements, you can transform the heart of your home into a stunning and useful place. 

With budgets and simplicity in mind, here's six easy and purse friendly ways you can improve your kitchen, without any major works or elaborate spends. 

Add Storage

If you’re running low on space, you might have considered adding additional cupboards and shelves. However, it’s likely that you can increase the amount of space you have available by simple re-organising your current storage and making sure you're only holding on to things you will actually use regularly. Plastic containers make for a great way to clear up space and better organise all of your food and equipment, or you may want to consider stand alone storage that compliments your kitchen fittings to store larger items.

Modernise Your Lighting

Your kitchen is perhaps the most important space to have proper lighting in, it makes a world of difference to the feel of the room and can make cooking much more enjoyable. Outdated, electricity-draining fluorescent bulbs simply don’t compare to modern solutions such as LED or CFL lighting.  You can even take things a step further and install LED strips along the underside of your upper cupboards for a luxurious, modern look. These are brighter, cheaper and pretty easy to install. Make sure dining areas are lit well enough for eating, without being too bright, but allow plenty of light in food preperation areas when needed.

Clean Up Your Kitchen Surfaces

Your counter tops have or inevitably will suffer from scratches, burns and dents at some point. Of course, replacing them is not cheap, but you can find clever ways to hide your surfaces, such as with appliances, cutting boards or a new coat of paint/varnish if they’re real wood. You may even be surprised at the price of simple laminate work tops that although may be simple, they can instantly refresh a super tired looking kitchen.

Install Some Blinds

Traditional curtains can make your kitchen look like it belongs in a countryside cottage, which is all good if this is the look you're going for. For a cleaner and more modern look though, you may want to consider roller blinds of some kind. You can buy roller blinds online from a reputable seller such as DotcomBlinds. There are many benefits to these, such as their antibacterial properties and moisture resistance, which is ideal for kitchens.This company also provide superior coverage compared to curtains and are much easier to use and maintain. You can see these at if you want to browse through the different options available. With a three-year warranty and 5-star reviews across the board, it’s hard to believe that they’re cheaper than most high street retailers. You can also order a free sample before putting any money down. 

Use Jars & Baskets To Store Food

With a few simple and affordable, or maybe even cleaned out glassfood jars, you can store everything from salt and pepper to nuts and rice. Plus, you get the added convenience of being able to see what’s in every jar and just how much of it is left. For packet goods like snacks, crisps and seasonings, storing foods in baskets in your cupboard can help keep your kitchen organised, have everything within reach and prevent those cupboards getting messy. This also makes them far easier to clean!

Attach a notice board to Your Fridge

These days, it seems like no amount of notebooks or tasking apps can keep us on top of our to-do lists. With a simple whiteboard, you can track everything from shopping lists to messages to share with the family - and it’s all there in front of you every time you walk into the kitchen. 

With some clever thinking and a few simple products, you can greatly improve the look and functionality of your kitchen without breaking the bank. All we need is a little bit of creativity and a little imagination.

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