March 30, 2019

Mama Style || March Favourites

I've felt great again this month and although I'll never be a fashion icon to anyone or a successful fashion blogger for that matter, for me, this has been a good month! I've looked after myself, dressed in ways I feel happy/comfortable and accepted the way I am which is big for me. I'll share some cringe worthy selfies below, but it's been all about the strong makeup, sweatshirts and head wear, with a little florals thrown in on the sunnier days. Here's March for me...

I've been working a lot on my book this month so there hasn't been many style posts, but I did write a couple... styling jeans for work and 1940's makeup. Click on the images below to read more.

Makeup wise, I've had a good clear out and I'm trying to downscale my makeup bag to only those products I use every day. I've also avoiding things I don't need, or attempts at replacing my favourites as I waste so much money and ALWAYS come back to the same products. I do love trying new things though and so although I'll keep shopping, I'll keep my staple items the same.

I've been trying to look after my skin a lot more and it really shows. Although I still need to get more sleep and water in me, just having a few days off my routine and rubbish sleep, I can feel and see the effects it has on my tired skin almost straight away.

For my hair, I'm really trying to cause less damage now. I'm backing away from salons for a few months just to get some lengths back, but I am really trying to dye less and use my heated appliances less too if I can as they really destroy my hair. This means accepting a little more frizz and pinning the shorted more damaged bits back instead of straightening them to look half decent. I'm also treating myself to a deep condition at least once a week and using a 'no cut' cream before drying. I've gone back to Mane & Tail shampoo & conditioner and the difference in a week is unreal! I can highly recommend this stuff if you suffer from frizz or have hair that needs a little care.

For April, I'll be focusing on self care some more with another sports massage, regular skin care, reverting back to my favourite make up bits and hair products and being kinder to my body. I'm also back swimming again, so I'll be going at least twice a week in my new 'body sculpt' swim suit.

What were your favourites in March?

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