Home Style || The Power Of Mirrors

Just like I always say about lighting, mirrors can make a HUGE difference to the look and feel of a room. By adding mirrors we can reflect light, make rooms look bigger and truly add another dimension to our space. Used wisely, mirrors can change the whole feel of a room and by reflecting windows and light, the feeling of having more space than you have is great for feeling less boxed in and creating a more diverse living space.

There are so many different style of mirrors now, from traditional bevelled framed mirrors, to clean circular Scandi style features and even coloured glass or window styles. Whatever your home is like, it will benefit from the addition of mirrors, literally in every room. Mirrors don't have to be boring either, they don't have to even be framed or hung on a wall, so I thought I'd share some ways you can add mirrors to rooms that can have a big impact, without too much work.

Traditional mirrors

Traditionally, we'd hand large mirrors in spaces like the chimney breast which already protrude from the wall, so the mirror re opens up that space, as well as making use of an otherwise pretty useless wall area. This use of mirrors compliments the fireplace really well too and can really bring a room together with a beautiful light enhancing focal point. By adding large rectangular mirrors landscape on a wall in places like the hallway or landing, the extra light and virtual space guides you along and adds interest as you go. This is and will always be a great use of the mirror, but there are other ways too and a whole lot of styles out there.

'No drill' mirrors

If for any reason you can't or don't want to drill into your walls to hang a mirror, there are options out there for you. One super cheap and simple method is to buy mirrored sheets with adhesive stickers on the back. These peel and stick options can look really effective, they're perfect for awkward spaces and come in all shapes and sizes now, from a standard rectangle, to mirrored hexagon tiles that can be stuck on being not only useful, but a work of art too. The other option for a no drill mirror which is hugely popular is to buy a large free standing vertical mirror, which can simply be rested on the floor and rested against the wall. This is one that you'd have to be really careful with if you have young children and don't attach it, but it is guaranteed to look amazing and has the added bonus of being easily moved if need be.

Picture: Laura Ashley

Unusual designs

As with anything these days, you don't have to settle for the ordinary and mirrors are no different. There are lots of designs out there and I really love 'foxed mirrors' which have an almost worn, vintage look, but compliment a super modern space really well too. There's also ones with tinted glass, so not only can you reflect light and increase the feeling of space, but also compliment your colour scheme at the same time. Mirrors with no frames are very popular now too, either used as splash backs in the kitchen or filling spaces with made to measure mirrored sheets.

Wibaux Wood Framed Wall Accent Mirror

Best hanging spots

The most popular places to hang mirrors are over the sink in the bathroom, a full length mirror in the bedroom and opposite anywhere you sit for long periods of time to increase the feeling of space. Long rooms and hallways benefit from large wall mounted mirrors to break up the space and add extra angles, and of course over those fire places. It's a good idea to have one near your front door too too open the house and add light as you walk in, but also for any last minute teeth and hair checks as you head out the door!

Are you a fan of mirrors in your home?