March 19, 2019

Mama Style || 1940's Makeup

I love the glamour and beauty of the 1940's, a time when women really expressed their femininity and curves in a sophisticated way. As a makeup addict myself, the style in the 1940's is perfect for me as I love everything about the era (fashion wise anyway), like the red lip which is a hugely recognisable trait in the makeup then and a quick easy makeup routine with no mega brows, just an enhanced girly natural look. This is also the perfect look for us pale folk, so instead of tanning up and faking a little more pigment, we can embrace this look that enhances our skin and highlights our features. I really feel this look can be adapted for anyone though and is perfect for daily wear or special occasions.

I thought I'd share a set of makeup that would be perfect for recreating this style right now, and although generally our clothes aren't quite as pretty and flattering as they were then, there's no reason we can't give the era a nod with some fitting makeup. If you don't know where to start, then these ten simple to use products may just be for you.


When it comes to the skin, it's all about looking flawless, shine free and smooth. If you use a primer, you could add that first, or just be sure to clean and exfoliate your skin well before you start for extra clear looking skin. A foundation with a good coverage is a must and my all time purse friendly choice is the Max Factor Lasting Performance which also contains SPF. Once applied, finish with a gentle brush of their Creme Puff powder, for a matte finish and soft natural look.


With eye shadow it was very subtle in the 40's, and often not used at all, so the best option is a barely there nude on the lid, with a slightly darker shade to highlight the crease. Something like this palette from Maybelline will do the job just fine and if your complexion is like mine, the first two shades will be the perfect match.


I love the 40's brow, it's not too thick, but with a defined arch in a natural looking colour. I love the Benefit Ka-Brow, even the brush included in the lid works well and there are plenty of shades to choose from. Brush on gently following the natural line, fill in any gaps and blend slightly at the centre for an exaggerated natural brow.


Eyeliner is subtle, with just enough to make the eyes pop. A simple black liquid or pen style eyeliner will do the job, add as much or as little for the look you want, day or night.


Eyelashes were big news in the 40's, a bold sultry look and a strong lash works well. If you like wearing falsies, they work well with the 1940's look, but just a good mascara will do the job too.


A light pinkish blush swept on your cheekbones will add a little shape but still look natural and gentle on your face. This Nars one is a great choice and lasts well with a good pigment.


The bold red lip is probably the signature part of this makeup look and although there are millions to choose from, the best I've found for lasting all day is the Rimmel Provocalips, which goes on liquid and dries matte, with an optional gloss to put on top for a bit of sheen.

As you can see, aside from the vivid red lip this really is quite a natural look, so although it's not as fitting to the 1940's, you could opt for a soft nude lip or gloss when you're not feeling the bold red. 

Are you a fan of the 1940's look?

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