March 01, 2019

Home Style || February Favourites

I've loved February and having a little more sunshine and light in our home. Although we've not done a great deal decor wise, we have added a few bits, had a good spring clean and done a little more decluttering. We actually managed to tidy, clear and deep clean most the rooms in the house, with all rooms, landing and hallway tidy and clean too for the first time ever! Now it's been sorted once I'm going to try really hard to keep it up so it's less work.

My favourite thing house wise in Feb though was adding some bits to one of the new walls in our conservatory. We got some bits from Jysk after seeing their Instagram post and I really love how it turned out! We still need to add our own prints to the frames, but I love the way it turned out.

I wrote a few home related posts in February too and it's all about clearing out and getting our homes fresh this time of year. Finally being able to crack some windows open and embrace the outdoors a little more. Here's a little more about those posts in case you missed them, just click on the pictures to see more.

For tips on creating a dreamy home office with a few product ideas thrown in, check out this post all about separating your work space from home life and making it somewhere you enjoy being and feel creative.

Embracing the light and bright beauty of spring in our homes, check out this post with some home accessory ideas, perfect for spring time and a little spruce up after all our spring cleaning.

If like me you're jumping into the spring cleaning, you may want to check out this post with some check lists you can save and print to work your way through your home. With suggestions for every room it's a good simple check list to follow to make sure we remember all those small details.

This last post was all about our house plans for this year, which is our tenth year here and wow that's gone super quick! Although I don't expect to achieve it all, it's always good to have a list of smaller jobs to work through. Seeing that list get ticked off one by one is so satisfying.

Good luck with your home ventures in March!

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